Man Proposes. Woman Disposes.


For the female of the species is far more dangerous than the male

Tis reason enough for many a foolhardy proposal to fail

The male may be strong enough to hold another drink

But he is also fallible to an innocent smile or a wink

An imagination that works overtime and expectations that daunt

Will continue to dog his tribe with each lovesick jaunt

Burdened by the responsibility to pop the question first

He shall be subject to generations of ridicule and much mirth

And over a drink once again when the mind shall go into rewind

A successful proposal shall evoke much applause and be a giant step for mankind

Till such time Armstrong and his men, shall valiantly espouse their cause

And watch in utter helplessness as their comrades succumb to their flaws

Expectation and hope have over years many a boat sank

Of feisty but foolish sailors who’ve watched too much of Shawshank

And Fifty First Dates and all those inane Hollywood lies

Where he who eventually succeeds is the one who actually tries

Tam brothers unite, drink in peace, this really isn’t our cup of tea

Face it, you have no car, no fancy name, like the BMW driving Northie

Get that H-1 B now, sing those songs, post those pictures on Facebook

Buy that second hand Audi now, so you can warrant a second look

Tuck in that checked shirt, partition the hair, brush up on the Vedic Math

Much strife has been wreaked upon Southie boys like the disgruntled math teacher’s daughter’s wrath

Its not working, no, not event the accent, not even  your new Aviator shades

The vibhuti is showing, so is the cheap aftershave, and the stubble thanks to your 12 rupee disposable Gillette blades

 Ace your classes, land the jobs, grow some hair if you can manage

And pray at your temples and keep the faith in the institution of arranged marriage



2 Responses to “Man Proposes. Woman Disposes.”

  1. VM May 22, 2011 at 10:09 pm #

    Nicely written, love the whole flow, you’ve captured in words something that is as hard as holding water in the palm, and made it sound really simple, simply brilliant!

  2. Sneha August 6, 2011 at 12:43 pm #

    ‘Awesome’ Just one word to describe how i feel after reading this.

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