Pi and I

This irrational fella Pi and I, decided to get to the root of it all,
This one action ultimately, led to our downfall.
Rational, definite, does it even exist, does it have such wherewithal.
Transcendental this exercise and so is Pi, how then may it have such gall?
If it wasn’t for him, circles would have no area, no perimeter or circumference,
And I would be relieved of my exertions and mathematical encumbrance.
Indefinite as he is, he exists all the same; Dark circles around my eyes to this lend credence,
3 before the decimal and a countless many after, and in 22/7 a fractional presence.
I put this question to a batch of b-schoolers on IP, and replies came forth in a flood,
Excited the eccentrics, pissed off the puerile, boiled the biology grads’ blood.
They assumed I asked this question of them because I was a mathematics stud,
This poetry I hope will go some way in nipping those thoughts in the bud.


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