Paper Boat Girl

Paper boats on the country creek
Venturing slowly upstream south
Make their way past the little brown shiny pebbles
Turn and disappear at the mouth

Young lad, straw hat, glint in the eye
A lass across the creek
Tadpoles, a shoal of little fishes
A gull swoops down upon them with its beak

Clear blue skies, sunshine, a chill in the air
Zephyr blows from east to west
Another armada sets sail, papyrus
Made with love and propelled by zest

Oh I can make paper boats all day long
And watch them sail away
Lassie for ye I shall soon cross the creek
I’m waiting for that day

Till then nautilius it is , who shall amuse me now
An ebb and a flow, a shimmie sometime, little paper boats made of love

The day wears on, not a care in the world, for mama’s lil boy
The earth is my playground o girl, I dont need no fancy toy
A love so simple, so innocent, a picture of unbridled joy
And lassie walks away with her friends, her look
As she turns and smiles at me coy

I doff my hat and walk back home,
Mebbe morrow I’ll fly a plane
And thats when I think aloud to myself
I should’ve asked for her name

She remains to date nameless, no trace
Not a sign ever of my paper boat girl
Just a faint memory of her smiling face
The world my oyster, she was my pearl

Looking back at those times I wonder if
I should have called out to her once
Instead I drift to her memory each night
For twenty years and nine long months


One Response to “Paper Boat Girl”

  1. ramya November 29, 2012 at 11:43 am #

    Ha, pretty awesome, this.

    Four years ago, this was my take on paper boats.

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