Everything is Grey.

This poem was written as part of my application to a consulting firm that was on campus in December. Trust consulting to come up with stupid cliched topics like this one. I had one look at it and in a second I knew that there was no way I was going to write some dumb essay on Grey. I decided to chance my arm and submit a poem instead. Went to Rohit’s room, sat myself on the bed and let rip. Wrote this poem, got shortlisted, didn’t get recruited, but atleast I have a story to tell the grandkids – that I submitted a poetry application to a ‘Big 4’ consulting firm. This one goes out to the firm that refused to recruit me. Up yours, gentlemen !

‘Tis grey indeed, the small matter of,
Whether to write a poem or not?
My decision was made on the basis that,
It lends some freedom of expression and thought.

Poetry unlike prose, might be prosaic,
But offers a smoother flow.
So I thought it best to put out the disclaimer just in case,
For cocky or flippant, I’m not you know.

So what is the colour grey a shade of -,
Pearly white or deathly black?
For a hint at how one may make this judgement,
Let us hark to a few millennia back.

They took to battle, the sons of Pandu
In arms against their brethren.
Krishna steered his chariot to the middle,
Stopped and spoke to Arjuna then.

Drilling a sense of purpose in him,
Gopala orchestrated a genocide.
But truth did prevail and justice was done,
So is it fair to say that Krishna lied?

Many years since, the jury’s still out,
Over what the avatar had to say.
Is there any escaping the truth however,
That the answer is a shade of grey?

In the same India, on this very land,
Today we fight battles of our own.
A country, a culture, a fabric, a story,
Whose seeds that battle has sown.

Scamsters and mobsters have now supplanted,
Duryodhana and like minded men.
But the issues that face us are not too dissimilar,
To the questions that arose then.

Governance and ethics are buzzwords today,
Everyone’s shouting from the rooftops.
Much deliberation is being put into,
Where the buck ultimately stops.

SKS Microfinance, a case in point,
The Grameen clone’s gone public now.
Taking power to avaricious shareholders,
To question not only what they’re doing, but also ask questions of how?

Politics – a canvas of many colours,
Painted in different hues.
Manmohan’s courting of Kalmadi and Raja,
Is giving the Congress the blues.

India Shining, that famous campaign,
Once took Vajpayee & Co. down.
Because the poor voter that lived in the village,
Exercised his franchise unlike the gentry in the town.

Were we really shining at the turn of the century?
Are we any brighter today?
Is there any escaping the truth however,
That the answer is a shade of grey?

B-School is about trade-offs, we are taught,
Its time to make them in our lives.
As we wonder about a career that confronts us,
And the being of our parents and wives.

What we’ve studied, whatever we’ve learnt,
What little wisdom we’ve stood to gain.
Will hopefully have pruned us for times to come,
As we buckle up for life in the fast lane.

I stand by my ground, I must assert,
A career is far different from a job.
It requires conviction and vision too,
Unlike the myopia of just another man in the mob.

The choices we make, shall today reflect
The foundations of a future and pillars of a past.
The trials and tribulations that the choice brings,
Shall only prove right the axiom that tough men last.

For many years, as history tells us,
Grit, courage and conviction have stood the test.
Characterizing men who challenged their horizons,
And stood apart from the rest.

With that in mind, I type away,
At this late hour of the night.
In hope and the knowledge that,
Soon it will be dawn and the skies shall pour forth new light.

A man must stand up for what he is,
I did, because I think I’m your needle in the hay
And that I can say with some degree of conviction,
This statement certainly has no shades of grey.


4 Responses to “Everything is Grey.”

  1. srividya April 5, 2011 at 5:00 pm #

    tooooo goood di!

  2. priyax April 5, 2011 at 6:58 pm #

    u mean ‘ too good da’, cos its by varun;)

  3. Vini April 5, 2011 at 7:15 pm #

    Osome one 🙂 It needs to enter the Eng Lit. Syllabus :):):)

  4. eben April 7, 2011 at 12:27 am #

    i wouldn’t have recruited you, but i would have made you a partner…

    absolute brilliance….

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