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an ode to chetan bhagat

5 Feb

the 1st post of this year, i dedicate to chetan bhagat, the invisible love of my life. it is a one sided affair, i know… but then true love doesn’t care.

a month ago, i read his most recent “revolution 2020”. the trees from which the papers for the book were churned out, ought to feel marvelous. cos the book made me think. and think big. think positive. think enough to take action. and if a fast read like that costing Rs140 can achieve that, albeit with a few f***’s thrown in for effect, then the writer must *take a bow*. That, dear Mr.Chetan Bhagat, is real good use of human life i say! Pat on back. High five, co-deshvaasi.

Chetan Bhagat’s other rubbish books notwithstanding, (except 5 point someone ofcourse for which he got more than his portion of gratification), i think the man is using his finite time on this planet darn well. As corny as it may sound, after reading 5 point someone and leaving no page unturned;literally;) i mailed him of being a canditate to consider if he believed in polygamy. sorry, wife and twin kids. young girls say weird things even without the influence of alcohol.

so people, i earnestly request you to not write off people under the public eye and more so people precious to you if they screw up a bunch of times. they dont enjoy doing it. so let them be and give them a chance. you dint create them. so stop posing like god. whats karma for! and icing on cake of gyaan; dont write urself off. ur super. see u follow this blog right? so even if the world hates u, you have an admirer 🙂

few long happy breaths.


our living non-movable couterparts

13 May

i often wonder if trees speak among themselves.. i am quite convinced they do actually. wat do u say? i hv observed them when i travel long distance. which is nearly everyday considering i live in mumbai. they seem to chuckle and guzzle and make funny sounds and move in specific ways even in the absence of wind. infact in the international art of living ashram in bangalore, this is so prominent. even with absoultely no breeze, some plants move violently in parts. as if they are conveying somthing to the others. they definately have a language of their own considering they are part of a big fat kingdom who they need to converse with.

it wud be so funny na if the plant kingdom were racist n all…yellow leaf plants are uncool and green ones are cool,, or may be shrubs and creepers hv reservations. the herbs mite fall in the intelligent class ..cos they are more profound than the others…something like brahmins/pandits. or maybe its just the human in me who differentiates.

guruji says that every plant in ur home gets 10 times more excited than a pet wud when u get back home after a long day. superb no? but we are so insensitive that we dont recognise it. this calls for a guru story: sri sri once had coem to mumbai for maha satsang. which means there are atleast a lakh people who come together to sing and celebrate. in the middle of the celebration, guruji suddenly called someone on stage and asked them to water a plant which was in the far end of the huge ground wit a lakh people singing! he asked the person to water the plant cos it was crying! such razor sharp awarness he carries so effortlessly!

and guys did u knw this..in our lifetime of approx. 70 yrs, we use oxygen of 7 whole trees. so it is our frekking responsibility to plant atleast 7 trees in our life if not more.! so do it dear friends! dharthi par bhoj mat bano bhai! leave it a tad prettier b4 u konk off. and u never knw when u wil konk off;planting so do ur good deed today! run to the nearest nursery, buy 7 saplings and plant and adopt them. name the plants for sense of belongingness and or simply for fun sake! u can also go to www.itsmytree.net and upload the pic of ur plant as it grows! real neat site that my pal rupal deisgned. go see. and go plant!tree1tree4tree_2tree3tree_clipart_coconut_tree_2tree09fall_coloured_tree_geral_01

Purpose of existance UNVEILED

25 Nov

tommy tickled children, take the crap, tamilian temptress cinema, the talking cat, taste this cheese, theraputic treatment for Cramps, tickle true consciousness, thick trimmed curls, tera theesra chaata….no no no!! Teacher’s training course..yes! yes+! yes++! this is what i was subjected to in the past 21 days. the course defies laws of the human body and mind. and brings one closest to universal consciousness.

deep gratitude.


15 Jul

It’s so nice when the vision is blur, from all that hurts one is away, and brings about a sense of deafness.
The eyes can make mistakes in judging one’s own from a hater. With eyes closed, there is no peace as the face stays in the virtual darkness and teases you. Your stupidity. Maybe just your innocence.
The blur has you weeping without emotions. Walking into disturbed nature and not obliged to share plesantaries. Fake ones. It wishes that it doesn’t recognise speed and the body loses itself by being killed mercilessly. But this brings great joy. Seems like an act of mercy.


8 Apr

Once upon a time there were 3 blind mice, they loved to fart. They took the help of Pinnochio’s dad to build a small home for their family. Very ambitiously they planned a ballroom party as their house warming ceremony. Obviously Cinderella, Snow white and Hansel were invited. No one forgot their shoes! Suprise!!! Sadly none of them could enjoy the ball cos they couldnt enter the house of the mice. The dwarfs had fun though. The girls went back home hungry and ate the bread crumbs gratel had dropped few years ago. They walked through the jungle through the night gossiping. The sun came up and they were still walking and talking. Girls! Snow white developed heat boils as the sun was beating down on them. Cinderella got loose motions due to food poisoning thanks to ancient bread crumbs. Then she ate the apple that snow white had brought as gift for the mice, but dint give cos the apple got stuck in their door. Cinederalla gobbled down the apple and obviously her health got better. Two negatives make a positive.Voila! They were tired so they sat down to play a game. The game was to make maximum words from Rumpeltstiltskin. Guess who won? Rapunzel. Forgot to mention. She had joined them at half past six. She won the game cos while she was locked in that castle for many years, she was doing just that. They all studied fashion designing in the palace of the naked king. The latest fashion discovery were hooded clothes. But the only one who could afford it was red riding. All thanks to her hardworking grandmother. The other women dint even have mothers to care for them. But sometimes lovers can be more caring. So they never really missed family. They hung out in cosy places with their horse riders until mowgli came and spoilt their fun. Mogli and Meshwa and Simba and Nala always went on double dates. they eventually got married in madagascar. it was the best rave party ever. i like to move it move it. u like to? MOVE IT. there was lot of fireworks. Peter pan entered late. Hansel fell in love at first site. fireworks. The 3rd blind mouse was pregnant with jerry. fireworks. Rapunzel won a gift for wackiest hair do. fireworks. Mr. and Mrs. Shrek won the award for the most romantic couple. fireworkds. They all lived in the magic world of innocence and beauty. the rest is history. they all lived happily ever after. THE END.


5 Apr

Smneooe tlod me taht smaclbred wdors wtih teihr fsrit and lsat ltteres in pcale are eilasy radblee.Do I bveeile him?


24 Aug


Why does one have to study something one hates?Why are sexy clothes expensive?Why am i broke when i see sexy clothes?When will my fickle mind stop being fickle?Why dont parents give money for tattooes?Why do i hate people who love me and love those who give a shit?Why does mumbai hv the richest of rich and the poorest of poor, both blissful in their own worlds?And now that i agree they do, why does it hv to linger in my brain?How can people molest women, plant bombs in trains, spit paan on road?Why are eunuchs so scary?Why are most of them tamilians?Why is my silence mistaken for anger?When last did anyone enjoy engineering?Do we choose our parents?Does a parallel universe exist?How cool is heaven and how scary is hell?Will i ever become rich and not be feverish for more?Why is dope so inviting?Why is it that most nutritious vegetables are yuk to taste?How come i doubt the spelling of nutritious out of all spellings?Why are people so gung ho abt US of A?Is rebirth n past life for real?Why does one hv to get up in the morning?Why dont youngsters play in the evenings?Why is it uncool to meditate?What makes kyon ki saas bhi such a hit?Why dont men hv to wax their armpits?Why dont men hv to wax?When wil my height increase?When wil i figure wat exactly i wana build a career in?Are granma’s mythological stories true?Will my friend’s blind sister ever see again?Why is sex on my mind these days?How can i not be scared abt global warming when the headlines say 2050 will be our end?When did i last jump in a puddle wit a raincoat on?Why do all babies look angelic?When wil i sign my first autograph? Why do i feel that i wont fall if i sit on a cloud?

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