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my fattee buddies-Part 5

24 Jul

often, shishyas are proud of their teacher/guru..
but there are some shishyas who the teacher feels so lucky to have..
i am filled with immense pride when i say i know of 2 such cutie pies’ {abt their superb teachers, shipa & srivi; some other time!}
i present to u: abhiram and gauri shankar
their focus sometimes stirs me;
their faith often gives me direction;
their love for the master always mists my eyes..

FYI- this is exactly how they don't look nowadays

here is the work of their genius;

my favourite is the ‘summer magic promo’ which u shud check out right away and praise.

abhi and gaudi, i say this from the bottom of my heart…u guys are worth a million bucks ;););););) (some ugly inside jokes are so killer!! means la’that!!)

god bless you both
jai guru dev
much love



5 Feb

“naa lateah varuvein ana latestha varunvein!”

majja aa gaya bhai! for the unlucky ones, the loose translation to the abou line  izz-  i come late but i come like latest! and with wat attitude i say!beaudy! udder;) beaudy!!

both the lucky and unlucky brand of breathers may check out this site to get abs out of laughter!
jai ho!


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