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dear mortal,

18 Feb

how do i help you realise the futility of your existence without a guru?
how do i describe the motherly affection i feel within few hours of being together with anyone on this path?
how do i express the high i get when those vedic chants fall on my ear?
how do i expound the few moments of deep nothing that keeps me going all day?
how do i make you get goosebumps when my guru waltz by?
how do i make you believe that i live in abundance everywhere i go?
how do i explain those tears of gratitude that race down during every advance course satsang?
how do i share those little little guru stories that my life revolves around?
how do i interpret getting everything before i even wish for it?
how do i guide you into this magical realm of ‘i don’t know!’?
how do i spell out the extreme intelligence combined with innate love that fills the people around me?
how do i explain my wave like freedom in this ocean of bliss?
and how do i share myself with you if you want to figure out everything by yourself?

yours patiently,
jai guru dev.


kaam ki baat

14 Jul

You can donate your eyes right away by logging on to http://www.bharateyebank.org/

my day dreams include:

9 Apr

– romancing shah rukh khan in a karan johar movie

– being interviewed along with my parents in rendevous with simi garewal and/or coffee with karan (my shallowness is none of ur business!)

– walking the ramp in milan wit those never ending legs and gorgeously subtle make up

– ice skating with a real hot guy (wit blue eyes and facial hair) who is in love with me

– spending weekends in my small wooden shack kinda house on the banks of a warm lake (good cook assumed)

– sri sri ravi shankar pampering me; pulling cheeks, hugs, pet names etc.

– writing/hosting/managing my brother’s art exhibition

– doing a bharatha natyam dance recital world wide

– playing drums for a rock band

– dread locks, 2 more tattoos, black attire

– winning the canne grand prix for my ad campaign

– horse racing with close pals in unknown lands

– marrying in a lavish christian gown in a lavish place with lavish settings, lavishly

– writing a book filled with stories by my grandma

– froth(a divine lounge) in 108 cities across the world running witout much interference and effort by me;) (ofcourse making a hideous profit)

– playing embaressingly good basket ball and being invited to watch all NBA matches hence forth for free

– 5 children

my granny bestest! woohoo!!

4 Feb

today’s her birthday!!.. oh how i love her! this one’s 100% for u paati…
she’s the coolest cutest cuddliest woman and i wish her 1000 more years of existence. apppy birrday paati! muah
now now, lets enlighten u abt her!
she watches espn in her spare time when she is done watching sanskar (pls note: she’s beyond the saas bahu shit.)
u’ll be surprised how much billiards, golf, tennis, cricket (perhaps even WWF) she follows! I know of a time when she gave ‘Reiki’ to the indian cricket team for them to win! now thats insanely adorable!!
she’ll shock u with all the history and geography she’s ever read from kindergarden until now. she’s got the most lovely handwriting though i hv seen her write only ‘shri rama jayam’ with that! see, this is a very tam bram thing.. it tops the chart in most 50+yr old’s To-Do list.

oh yeah, and she’ll stun u with all the mythological stories that hv ever taken place(or not)…she doesnt even need to dabble wit the names, gran knows it all pit pat! hindus hv to remember too many devas n asuras man, this religion is elaborate to say the least.
infact one time i was attempting(this is the most imp. word in this sentence;)) to byheart ‘vishu sahasranamam’ (its these 1008 names of vishu in sanskirt, each of which have a beautiful meaning), and paati knew the explanation/stories for each of those names..man,was i shocked!
i thot she randomly parroted those sholkas and puked them out everyday, but lo behold, i was a jerk to think that! i am jerk even if i dint think that actually. i m a jerk. period.hehe

coming back to paati; when my bro n i were tiny-er, we used to plait her long hair. thats not it. once we were done, we wud argue that we cud hv done better and hence we wud unplait her hair. and re plait. and then un plait and then re plaint. over n over n over!! paati wud gracefully sit through this whole process without complaining, happily sipping her ‘de-cog-shan’ coffee. another necessary tam bram trait.

so that she cud get some shut eye in the afternoons, she used to put us to sleep wit her self created sleep stories.. my fav. was the 2 brothers ka tale-RAAMU SHOMU. raamu was the cool dude n shomu was the idiot. sometime when u and i r chilling, remind me to share it.

granma, in those times, was among the very few working women.. and she proudly tells me today that her pension is twice as much as her x-salary. pretty cool eh?
and ofcourse, like all granma’s she’ll melt ur heart and soothe ur palate with mind blowing simple fresh hot yumm food! and she’ll be totally surprised if the salt was fine even today. after all this hardwork, her palms are still like a 2 month olds palms. so soft and pink, it makes me wanna cry..

at this age, paati has fallen in love. and thats with MR.Sudoku. she can finish books the size of my engineering texts, and still hv the enthu to solve more sudokus’!! every time my mum gifts her these sudoku books, the twinkle in paati’s eye only gets 50 watt stronger.

she’s seen it all; from gold slabs at home to 12 people sharing a tiny room. and we all know lots of things change around u when that happens..wat followed was more of a hindi movie…
i m so so proud that she’s nearly single handedly brought up a phenomenal daugther( my mommy!!muah) and 3 dashing sons. *touching lots of wood*

hey, one important thing i forgot! paati loved to eat ice in her childhood! she wud down golaas by the hour! i wasn’t kidding when i said she’s cool~

no post or gift or gesture can sum up how precious u are to me, dear paati.
i am eager to listen to the new version of ‘Ramu-Shomu’ that u are gona be enlightening my kids with!
Oceans full of love.
happy birthday!
ur lucky peythi.

a cute glimpse of national integration

9 Jan

whoever says we suck in this matter has gotto check out their country’s face in the mirror. but the catch is, we indians think we suck more than the rest of the world does about us. hope this small story can butter our national esteem.

so i was travelling in an auto in a bylane of a bylane in banglore. it was chirstmas time. this road was primarily a so called hindu area. my eyes caught the sight of a highly decorate crib where jesus was just born. there were these huge speakers next to the crib ( my sympathies to baby jesus) with loud music to which a 10 yr old was dancing. the song was ‘sayoneeee, chain ek pal nahiiii’!!

my country cutesssttt. our media needs to get a life!

jai hind.

our living non-movable couterparts

13 May

i often wonder if trees speak among themselves.. i am quite convinced they do actually. wat do u say? i hv observed them when i travel long distance. which is nearly everyday considering i live in mumbai. they seem to chuckle and guzzle and make funny sounds and move in specific ways even in the absence of wind. infact in the international art of living ashram in bangalore, this is so prominent. even with absoultely no breeze, some plants move violently in parts. as if they are conveying somthing to the others. they definately have a language of their own considering they are part of a big fat kingdom who they need to converse with.

it wud be so funny na if the plant kingdom were racist n all…yellow leaf plants are uncool and green ones are cool,, or may be shrubs and creepers hv reservations. the herbs mite fall in the intelligent class ..cos they are more profound than the others…something like brahmins/pandits. or maybe its just the human in me who differentiates.

guruji says that every plant in ur home gets 10 times more excited than a pet wud when u get back home after a long day. superb no? but we are so insensitive that we dont recognise it. this calls for a guru story: sri sri once had coem to mumbai for maha satsang. which means there are atleast a lakh people who come together to sing and celebrate. in the middle of the celebration, guruji suddenly called someone on stage and asked them to water a plant which was in the far end of the huge ground wit a lakh people singing! he asked the person to water the plant cos it was crying! such razor sharp awarness he carries so effortlessly!

and guys did u knw this..in our lifetime of approx. 70 yrs, we use oxygen of 7 whole trees. so it is our frekking responsibility to plant atleast 7 trees in our life if not more.! so do it dear friends! dharthi par bhoj mat bano bhai! leave it a tad prettier b4 u konk off. and u never knw when u wil konk off;planting so do ur good deed today! run to the nearest nursery, buy 7 saplings and plant and adopt them. name the plants for sense of belongingness and or simply for fun sake! u can also go to www.itsmytree.net and upload the pic of ur plant as it grows! real neat site that my pal rupal deisgned. go see. and go plant!tree1tree4tree_2tree3tree_clipart_coconut_tree_2tree09fall_coloured_tree_geral_01

i am home

13 May

i m so tired

maybe thats why i am home

my body feels drained

maybe thats why i am home

oh i miss u so

maybe thats why i am home

maybe u miss me too

maybe thats why i am home

i am yearning to be pampered

maybe thats why i am home

it’s time i empty my mind

maybe thats why i am home

i want to be quiet

maybe thats why i am home

to be polished and to shine

maybe thats why i am home

u’re all that matters

maybe thats why i am home

i see u with eyes closed again and again

maybe thats why i am home


it;s guruji’s birthday today…13th may…which translates to TERA MAIN in hindi….strategic day he chose to be born!

i had written the above poem few days ago when i was bedridden in the ashram… it stayed on my deskstop and i got a chance to upload it only today..may be he wanted to think of it as his birrday gift from me!

thank you dearest, cutest gurujii..for everything!

happiest birrrday everrrrrr!

tight huggss and kisses

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