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11 Jan

What did guruji do?
The very second we took the mike to sing, guruji took his mike to talk!! HELL. FREEZE. STORY OVER. WISH, CRUSHED!
We can’t even blame anyone now! But guess what!!!!! The very second after that, he saw us with the mike and adorning that ‘all-knowing’ smile, he indicated us to sing, pushing away his mike and gently closing his eyes to meditate. Wow. The moment felt too perfect to be true! Srivi and I mentally broke into a dance and sang the song, albeit pretty beautifully. Oh my god, we were so happy to sing for Him!! From a distance, Bhanumaa waved and smiled acknowledgingly. Utterly elated we were!;)

Satsang’s with guruji always end with, “People with birthdays come forward…” and I plunged happily towards my guru. In a flash, like a flash, abhiram appeared magically producing a gorgeous strawberry cake and frizbeed it into my hands. guruji garlanded me and blessed the cake. the cake then magically vanished as magically as it had appeared.;)

My venkat day spree was summing up glamorously! Further, at 10pm, i even got to walk few meters with guruji and ask him if he enjoyed the now famous dahi wada. Guruji said, ” I ate little bit, but the garnishing was very good”. Man, I dissolved in ecstasy. By the end of it all, I felt so loved and content that I totally forgot to be miserable over turning older.

However, it doesn’t pinch so bad when friends (read Eby Felix) write such poetry for you..
I humbly present to you one among my precious birthday gifts’ this year.

“happy birthday”

” to your eyes, intimidating
otherwise telling a story
of innocence jaded
with pastel colors…”

” to your existence, powerful
otherwise with a simple taste
of exquisite flavor
from food to meditation”

” to your laugh, overpowering
otherwise making sounds
of nocturnal seas
that reach your soul within”

” to your love, exclusive
otherwise like all good things
free…for them who find meaning
in those subtleties, like me”

What is the moral of the story?
Hell, I AM 25!!


when i ignored him..

15 Sep

i must confess of my slothful lackadaisical taamsic state of consciousness because of i which i dint even attend one out of 5 aartis of the building ganpati. shame, i know..

the highly enthused building members pampered and pleaded but to no avail.

my body had taken over my mind and it wudnt budge.

and frankly after 3 months of travelling more than the world’s busiest nomadic tribe; socializing has become nauseating. doing nothing is the new high in my life!

not attending ganpati pooja, not giving a rat’s ass abt aarti, not laughing abt sweet nothings wit my mentally morose neighbours n co. is considered blasphemy in my sphere of existence. of course, this dint prevent me from downing those exceptionally tongue tickling gujju meals after the poojas. shame square, i know..

but the divine startled me today. for the 1st time in my building’s ganesha history, the smaller of the 2 ganu’s (to which all the heavy duty pooja is done) was got to each one’s home and the housewala’s had to do its aarti etc. i mean really this is kinda unheard of, that the ganu idol is taken to each flat. and mine’s a 10 storey alright! and another interesting thing to note is that, the man of the house gets to lift it and take it around the house.

i must inform u at this point, that the one and a half men who reside in my house generally, were missing. one in noida, half in pune. and so, I, the hopeless ganpati ignorer, got to lift the idol and show him around the house that i had cleaned up in exactly 15 min (we are all pro’s at this no? moving the mess from the visible spectrum into the infra red/ultra violent drawers;);))

shifting gears now.

u know, u can let go of the divine; but the divine never let’s go of u..
for him, u r the centre of the universe!
guruji has said very beautifully;
“we are all babies of the divine. mother (here: divine) loves all her babies equally. but some babies whine n cry all the time and some others smile n play; u choose wat kind of a baby u want to be..”

top secret

14 Feb

i have contemplated posting this poem from the very inception of this blog. because i consider what i am about to post, supersonically personal.
the relationship between me and my guru.
after pondering forever, and waging a cold war with my intellect, i decided today to make this poem public. by doing thus, if it stirs an ounce of curiosity even in one soul about experiencing what one calls ‘a guru’ , then my purpose of putting the poem up here will be served.
it is said that u don’t choose a guru, the guru chooses u. well then, in that case, my guru has good choice;) haha
so to my valentine of lifetimes, my dear guruji, this one’s for u! pls use ur siddhis and read it;) and use some more siddhis to comment!


I surrender
Each day. Each week. Each month. Each year.
Every moment.
Your presence gives direction.
The knowledge that I am.
Part of whole,
whole myself.

The enticing world beckons me,
I do not yield.
Knowing that the presence is stronger.
Is the Truth.

Unabated enthusiasm.
Untouchable love.
I slowly resemble you,
My Guru..

My questions turn into wonder.
My doubts into thin air.
So You said.

I learn the joy of service
Sowing the seed
That You once sowed in me.
Do You yearn for me?
Do Your eyes wet when I tear?
Do you ache in my pain?
I wonder?
I know.
Thank you for the womb You’ve built around me.
Thank you for me.

Shedding my outer layers,
Being one wit You,
Overcome by tears of the Self,
Every cell craves for You.
That’s my prayer..

I bless You, in doing thus;
I bless mine own Self.

my current favourite gyaan

25 Jan


                                          How people treat u is their karma…and how u react is yours”- Sri Sri

shopping for the winter break upgrade and the guru story there after…

9 Jan

Now for those who dint attend winter break 2009-10, SHAME ON U!! and for those who did,,, ur gonna laugh mad when u read this! on second thoughts, even those who bunked will laugh mad!

So ya, jeetu and i went to buy a longgg list of things that were required for the half day 7-level challenge (upgrade-2). So we went to a whole sale market in jayanagar and the bargaining began. first 5 shops we rattled this, “Saar, enna saar, we from art of living ashramaa saar, pls discount maadi, plis saar” and well, we succeeded in most shops. So shop after shop we wud start of this tape recorder of ours nearly begging for discount. Now for those who participated know that we needed to buy lot of red underwear for one of the tasks. Hehe, so we went to this lingerie shop and began our tape.. saar, plis discount maadi,,, art of….STOP. STOP GIRL! thankfully,i held my tongue. hahaahha. i then made up on the spot that the red under wear was for some christmas party game. hahaha.. just imagine wat he wud think if he knew the art of living ashram required 30 red underwear for an event. hahaha!! the shameless fellow was so curious when i said its a chirtmas party game and asked me where the party was… ofcourse i had to lie all over again,,, with supreme confidence i said, “jayanagar, jayanagar saar”! good lord, who said seva is not fun!

Well as much tiring/challenging it was to organise the 7-level challenge, in hindsight, it was doubly fruitful. Any guesses why?
YESSS, i got praised in front of guruji in ganga kutir (abode of the divine it is)!! cant get any cooler me thinks.

…the guru story follows…. so this meeting with guruji happened on 3rd jan 2010…and on 1st jan i wore the silver sri sri coin that my parents had got. lemme rewind a little bit at this point. my parents, lucky ones, have gotten atleast 6-7 such coins that are safely kept in the cupboard. i have worn n lost 3 such coins including the one i wore on 1st jan. so that day, it pinched me bigtime, especially it being day 1 of new yr.* tear*

so i mentally decided i am not gona wear another one until i get it from guruji himself. and lo behold,, guruji gave me coin after the appreciation on 3rd jan itself!!! SUPER DUPER COOL NO??!i wud rate this among my top 3 personal life guru stories. wat say? hes faster than Blue dart courier service man!!! no sincere prayer/hard work goes unnoticed.
all my jealously for those chilling in ganga kutir turned into admiration. some buckets of sweat has gone behind sitting in ac wit sri sri;)

‘aapy neu yearrr!

9 Jan

THEOREM: having a guru= abundance!

PROOF: the new year began in utter opulence as I welcomed 3 new years sitting in one place! Ofcourse the ‘one place’ i am talking about is the international art of living ashram! If ur jealous, then its the right emotion ur experiencing.hehe
around 8pm IST, I celebrated new year no.1 of bangkok, where my parents n granma were chilling. I screamed my good wishes over the phone while cutting the weird veggies that are contained in bawa’s humongous fridge. We were getting ready to have an elaborate feast for the indian new yr. (visit bawa’s blog for the final product and drool)

new yr no.2 was apna desh ka. this one we called in with the mind blowing guru pooja. i say ‘we’ cos there were 1500 youth sitting cutely with eyes closed in vishalakshi mandap during the pooja. this i am guessing cos my eyes were closed too,hehe. 2010 entered in blissful silence and went on to get louder slowly and steadily. within half an hr, all of us irritatingly happy people were dancing our head off!! I have been to my share of discs, but believe u me, this one beat it hollow(and empty;))

the ultimate icing on the cake was new yr no.3 of germany which was were sri sri was chilling (literally also…was snowing there they say). around 3am IST,1st jan, 2010 was midnight there. i was sitting in bawa’s room, just me and the imac with guruji in it, (as if personally) taking me through a meditation ringing in the german new yr. superb ha!

later i consumed all the holy food bau had cooked, remember?… lasagne, greek-ish salad, mango ice cream, pesto, home made bread, baked potatoes, tomato basil soup. well ya, thats about it. 😉

P.S.how i wish the rest of the world gets to experience this magic!
lets party together people! Brother dearest, hope ur reading;)
happy new year world!!

our living non-movable couterparts

13 May

i often wonder if trees speak among themselves.. i am quite convinced they do actually. wat do u say? i hv observed them when i travel long distance. which is nearly everyday considering i live in mumbai. they seem to chuckle and guzzle and make funny sounds and move in specific ways even in the absence of wind. infact in the international art of living ashram in bangalore, this is so prominent. even with absoultely no breeze, some plants move violently in parts. as if they are conveying somthing to the others. they definately have a language of their own considering they are part of a big fat kingdom who they need to converse with.

it wud be so funny na if the plant kingdom were racist n all…yellow leaf plants are uncool and green ones are cool,, or may be shrubs and creepers hv reservations. the herbs mite fall in the intelligent class ..cos they are more profound than the others…something like brahmins/pandits. or maybe its just the human in me who differentiates.

guruji says that every plant in ur home gets 10 times more excited than a pet wud when u get back home after a long day. superb no? but we are so insensitive that we dont recognise it. this calls for a guru story: sri sri once had coem to mumbai for maha satsang. which means there are atleast a lakh people who come together to sing and celebrate. in the middle of the celebration, guruji suddenly called someone on stage and asked them to water a plant which was in the far end of the huge ground wit a lakh people singing! he asked the person to water the plant cos it was crying! such razor sharp awarness he carries so effortlessly!

and guys did u knw this..in our lifetime of approx. 70 yrs, we use oxygen of 7 whole trees. so it is our frekking responsibility to plant atleast 7 trees in our life if not more.! so do it dear friends! dharthi par bhoj mat bano bhai! leave it a tad prettier b4 u konk off. and u never knw when u wil konk off;planting so do ur good deed today! run to the nearest nursery, buy 7 saplings and plant and adopt them. name the plants for sense of belongingness and or simply for fun sake! u can also go to www.itsmytree.net and upload the pic of ur plant as it grows! real neat site that my pal rupal deisgned. go see. and go plant!tree1tree4tree_2tree3tree_clipart_coconut_tree_2tree09fall_coloured_tree_geral_01

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