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when i ignored him..

15 Sep

i must confess of my slothful lackadaisical taamsic state of consciousness because of i which i dint even attend one out of 5 aartis of the building ganpati. shame, i know..

the highly enthused building members pampered and pleaded but to no avail.

my body had taken over my mind and it wudnt budge.

and frankly after 3 months of travelling more than the world’s busiest nomadic tribe; socializing has become nauseating. doing nothing is the new high in my life!

not attending ganpati pooja, not giving a rat’s ass abt aarti, not laughing abt sweet nothings wit my mentally morose neighbours n co. is considered blasphemy in my sphere of existence. of course, this dint prevent me from downing those exceptionally tongue tickling gujju meals after the poojas. shame square, i know..

but the divine startled me today. for the 1st time in my building’s ganesha history, the smaller of the 2 ganu’s (to which all the heavy duty pooja is done) was got to each one’s home and the housewala’s had to do its aarti etc. i mean really this is kinda unheard of, that the ganu idol is taken to each flat. and mine’s a 10 storey alright! and another interesting thing to note is that, the man of the house gets to lift it and take it around the house.

i must inform u at this point, that the one and a half men who reside in my house generally, were missing. one in noida, half in pune. and so, I, the hopeless ganpati ignorer, got to lift the idol and show him around the house that i had cleaned up in exactly 15 min (we are all pro’s at this no? moving the mess from the visible spectrum into the infra red/ultra violent drawers;);))

shifting gears now.

u know, u can let go of the divine; but the divine never let’s go of u..
for him, u r the centre of the universe!
guruji has said very beautifully;
“we are all babies of the divine. mother (here: divine) loves all her babies equally. but some babies whine n cry all the time and some others smile n play; u choose wat kind of a baby u want to be..”



4 Jul

There are advance courses, and then there are advance courses…

Just cruising out of silence from one such magical retreat!

May u’ll be blessed with such times.

Jai guru dev

my current favourite gyaan

25 Jan


                                          How people treat u is their karma…and how u react is yours”- Sri Sri

‘aapy neu yearrr!

9 Jan

THEOREM: having a guru= abundance!

PROOF: the new year began in utter opulence as I welcomed 3 new years sitting in one place! Ofcourse the ‘one place’ i am talking about is the international art of living ashram! If ur jealous, then its the right emotion ur experiencing.hehe
around 8pm IST, I celebrated new year no.1 of bangkok, where my parents n granma were chilling. I screamed my good wishes over the phone while cutting the weird veggies that are contained in bawa’s humongous fridge. We were getting ready to have an elaborate feast for the indian new yr. (visit bawa’s blog for the final product and drool)

new yr no.2 was apna desh ka. this one we called in with the mind blowing guru pooja. i say ‘we’ cos there were 1500 youth sitting cutely with eyes closed in vishalakshi mandap during the pooja. this i am guessing cos my eyes were closed too,hehe. 2010 entered in blissful silence and went on to get louder slowly and steadily. within half an hr, all of us irritatingly happy people were dancing our head off!! I have been to my share of discs, but believe u me, this one beat it hollow(and empty;))

the ultimate icing on the cake was new yr no.3 of germany which was were sri sri was chilling (literally also…was snowing there they say). around 3am IST,1st jan, 2010 was midnight there. i was sitting in bawa’s room, just me and the imac with guruji in it, (as if personally) taking me through a meditation ringing in the german new yr. superb ha!

later i consumed all the holy food bau had cooked, remember?… lasagne, greek-ish salad, mango ice cream, pesto, home made bread, baked potatoes, tomato basil soup. well ya, thats about it. 😉

P.S.how i wish the rest of the world gets to experience this magic!
lets party together people! Brother dearest, hope ur reading;)
happy new year world!!

i am home

13 May

i m so tired

maybe thats why i am home

my body feels drained

maybe thats why i am home

oh i miss u so

maybe thats why i am home

maybe u miss me too

maybe thats why i am home

i am yearning to be pampered

maybe thats why i am home

it’s time i empty my mind

maybe thats why i am home

i want to be quiet

maybe thats why i am home

to be polished and to shine

maybe thats why i am home

u’re all that matters

maybe thats why i am home

i see u with eyes closed again and again

maybe thats why i am home


it;s guruji’s birthday today…13th may…which translates to TERA MAIN in hindi….strategic day he chose to be born!

i had written the above poem few days ago when i was bedridden in the ashram… it stayed on my deskstop and i got a chance to upload it only today..may be he wanted to think of it as his birrday gift from me!

thank you dearest, cutest gurujii..for everything!

happiest birrrday everrrrrr!

tight huggss and kisses

my fattee buddies

23 Apr

i hv 2 pals to praise.

srividya, a pal for yrs now, a beauudyy YES!+ teacher, who is unbelievely good at everything she takes up. from topping her university witout attending a day,, to learning and performing bharatnatyam and kathak and jive and salsa. from representing India in the youth UN meet to looking frekking pretty in absoulutely any attire. she has made me experience crazy levels of jealousy! i am learning to go beyond being jealous though and take inspiration from her instead. so she was interviewed for an article on ‘women and voting which featured in the main issue of DNA. Here’s the link. You need to click on ‘2’ when the page opens.

this is wat she has to say about it. “Most of what I said has been cut out(surprise surprise!) but some of it is manipulated very little and still there. But hey, my pic looks great!enjoy..love you all.”

check it out:


Another amazing new pal i made recently is suniti. soon to be YES!+ teacher! this gurlie in just 4 yrs of learning and playing snooker is now Nationally ranked 4th!! guruji sure does his bit- samai se pehle an jarurat se jyaada! she was sharing with me of how she was super busy arranging utsav in kolkota to empower 2000 youth and hence dint hv time to practice at all for her national snooker championship. she said she practiced only for 10 days and was rather tensed. she called dinesh bhaiyaa,, yeah some people have the luck to knw him…and he told her to chant om namah shivaya everyday.. she did just that and stood 8th in the championship.the deal was, every year the top 3 winners get shortlisted to play internationally. but GUESS WAT!!! THIS YEAR THE TOP 8 GOT SELECTED TO REPRESENT INDIA INTERNATIONALLY!!! super crazy right??/ not 5, not 10…JUST 8!…! this guruji no!! so cutie he is!! lou him for all his spcl effects!!

check this out for proof:


i am so glad i m perennially surrounded by highly interesting people. i tell u again, do the yes!+ to knw wat i am talking about!

the magic moments have begun!!

22 Mar

gaurav n i took our 1st yes+ in ahemdabad on 2nd march… was crazyy for all the good reasons…

i dressed like a beaudddyy and went all 7 days.(big earrings included;)) we taught (guruji taught rather) superbly.. 1st day itself the fellows had last day ka high energy… i tho thought by last day they wil loose it! hehe

Meghal didi, the SSRVM Principal and TTC teacher came to meet the participants. Among the lovely knowledge she shared, this one blew me away. she said to fight/argue with someone,,, u cant continue for more than 5 min unless u go to the past and bring up something!! was so phenomenal! she said how in a road if accident happens 2 people cant really fight for long and repeat same thing or abuse cos they dont knw each other and hence hv no point with which they can carry on the fight . was insightful! a revelation actually! i wondered how lucky i was to get to sit on THE chair and talk of things i know so little about and still have all of them love me madly!

It was gaurav’s brilliant idea to take everyone on the last day to Wasad ashram..
last day was fanatastic spiritual picnic.. we did our short kriya in the yagya shala! some people hv all the luck 😉 . for those who hvnt visited wasad ashram yet, get there asap guys,, guruji’s kutir looks so gorgeous like a tiny tibet/china monastry. full on cutie pie..

all future teachers at the ashram!

guess wat,, when we were done taking all the yes+ processes at the ashram,, magically snehal didi who was taking advance in ashram came,  and spent some time answering everyones questions ..was like a total TTC… surprise biggies who come in and amaze u!

i wish every youth in this world is as lucky as me to have such an amazingly fulfilling profession!

for all those who are hearing words like yes+, kriya, kutir for the 1st time and wondering wat TTC, SSRVM stands for… u can apply for the immediate yes+ in ur city to clear all ur doubts and to experience sheer magic and fun! ask me for details.

god blesssss!!
jai guru dev!!

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