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top secret

14 Feb

i have contemplated posting this poem from the very inception of this blog. because i consider what i am about to post, supersonically personal.
the relationship between me and my guru.
after pondering forever, and waging a cold war with my intellect, i decided today to make this poem public. by doing thus, if it stirs an ounce of curiosity even in one soul about experiencing what one calls ‘a guru’ , then my purpose of putting the poem up here will be served.
it is said that u don’t choose a guru, the guru chooses u. well then, in that case, my guru has good choice;) haha
so to my valentine of lifetimes, my dear guruji, this one’s for u! pls use ur siddhis and read it;) and use some more siddhis to comment!


I surrender
Each day. Each week. Each month. Each year.
Every moment.
Your presence gives direction.
The knowledge that I am.
Part of whole,
whole myself.

The enticing world beckons me,
I do not yield.
Knowing that the presence is stronger.
Is the Truth.

Unabated enthusiasm.
Untouchable love.
I slowly resemble you,
My Guru..

My questions turn into wonder.
My doubts into thin air.
So You said.

I learn the joy of service
Sowing the seed
That You once sowed in me.
Do You yearn for me?
Do Your eyes wet when I tear?
Do you ache in my pain?
I wonder?
I know.
Thank you for the womb You’ve built around me.
Thank you for me.

Shedding my outer layers,
Being one wit You,
Overcome by tears of the Self,
Every cell craves for You.
That’s my prayer..

I bless You, in doing thus;
I bless mine own Self.


i am home

13 May

i m so tired

maybe thats why i am home

my body feels drained

maybe thats why i am home

oh i miss u so

maybe thats why i am home

maybe u miss me too

maybe thats why i am home

i am yearning to be pampered

maybe thats why i am home

it’s time i empty my mind

maybe thats why i am home

i want to be quiet

maybe thats why i am home

to be polished and to shine

maybe thats why i am home

u’re all that matters

maybe thats why i am home

i see u with eyes closed again and again

maybe thats why i am home


it;s guruji’s birthday today…13th may…which translates to TERA MAIN in hindi….strategic day he chose to be born!

i had written the above poem few days ago when i was bedridden in the ashram… it stayed on my deskstop and i got a chance to upload it only today..may be he wanted to think of it as his birrday gift from me!

thank you dearest, cutest gurujii..for everything!

happiest birrrday everrrrrr!

tight huggss and kisses

pyar, ishq aur mohabbat

24 Feb

while i was getting myself a bachelor’s degree, i made sure i was busy doing everything except romancing my fat engineering books. luckily on the first few days of a 4yr college life, my eyes fell upon a guy who made me go week in my knees. when i mentioned it to a few pals, they equalled him to a lot of ugly things.. including vomit.  but i cudnt stop blushing when i thot of him. i wud tolerate a horrible ST bus ride of an hour with a big smile, all excited only to catch one glimpse of him in the treacherous day of college. i even brain washed those mean pals to think that he’s a dude of substance.. and thus we started a club in his name. a virtual club. we sent him reallyy funny rose cards on rose days and sneaked into his class to check his reaction. bascially did a whole lot of horribly, atrociously silly things to catch his eye. those amazing deep eyes…

i remember dedicating my daily meditation practice ka energy to him when he was very sick  in hospital.. i went to visit him at the hospi which was the very first time i every really spoke to him.. believe me my legs were shaking all the while. and i remember so well that i spoke utter shit when i got my chance. for those who knw me, knw that i can make interesting convo wit brad pitt also wit ease.. but this dude was so much more..

so one day i gathered the guts to take his only note book for some work.. hehe .. this is really funny guys..(promise u wont laugh!!)…i took the note book, n last page mein i wrote him a poem.. my 1st ever poem.. man!!! i thot this happend only in the movies.. wrong!

it was perhaps the cheeziest things i hv ever done when hit by cupid real bad! next day i waited anxiously for him to talk to me.. well.. he dint really.. but hes the one who inspired me to write.. i dint even know until then that i cud write decent poetry,, and today its a different story.. u cud check the poetry section on my blog to understand wat i am talking of ( so much for humility:))

so coming back to this heart of mine;  he never gave me even one milligram of bhaav; but i later realised that my love was utterly unconditional.. fully amazing it feels even today to have loved someone so innocently expecting nothing at all.. not even an occasional ‘hi’. infact i used to get an adrenalin rush even when he walked through me,, which he often did! weird eh?

in the past few minutes, i feel i hv lived those 3-4yrs of romance! thanx blog!

thanx boy. ur a permanent in my heart!

here is the poem on his note book;

you are burning.. let go
catastropic, metamorphic, caustrophobic,
get a cusion, get a life.
slump it all, rise
end the drama, behold
act this scene, play this play
I’ll get you a cusion, please get a life.
you are famished, fill the void
crack the nut, create noise
stuck in the head, you’ve left no choice,
let go , let go.
gimme a cushion, I’ll get me a life!

aap kaun?

6 Nov

us risthe ko kya naam doon
jo mujhe trupti ki aansu me sametle

us ehsaas ko kaise samjhaoon
jo bandh nazaron me hai bhari

us bhakti ko kaise chipaaon
jo gunguna rahi hai madhur milap

kya tumhi woh eshwar ho
jo mujhme ghar basaane aa chale?

maiden attempt

5 Nov

Is kshan parmaatma ke anantarang me jhoom raha hai mann..
Sampoornata ke ehsaas se bheeg raha hai kan kan..

Yahi prem ko baatne ka junoon sawaar hai..
Jiski anubhuthi hi tho moksh ke dwaar hai..

Bhakti se janma hua har aansu prafullit hua..
In boondon mein doob kar dil se ubhar rahi hai dua!

(pls praise for motivational purposes ;))

In Times of Change..

15 Jul

The smell of mud, I cannot smell
Spread over vast lands beneath my earth.
Seems like a play of space
As stars wave out to their shadows below
The gigantic spherical sense dawns,
From my 10 inch window.
The thin line between night and day
Cuts through as I blink my eye
This arrangement of elements so sweet
My heart beats for the work of that man.
Messy in close proximity
One dainty scene from a bird’s eye
The owl in me gets a glimpse of paradise.


30 Jul

In the vast farmlands,In the cramped cities,
Color of orchids,Plain grey,slack.
The sound of morning birds,
Merciless blowhorns & rattles..
Talks of knowledge,
Controversial gossip.

Melodious ragas & chants,Head banging of rocks bands-wild romance.
Beneath the blue carpet,Above the carbon monoxide;
Thoughts running wild into the sun,
Others of white blood & dagger hold.

Cries’ of a new born,silence at a funeral.
Celebrations of festivals,Murder,crime,rivals.
Facets of the earth- sun,snow,spring
Volcanoes,autumn,tornadoes’ swing.
Lustre of platinum ,of gold-
Apartheid and its ghastly woes..

Clinker of bells singing temple song;
Sound of death on the bang of a gong.
The warrior is hurt-laid to rest;(the end of his strife.)
Her naked,sensous,angelic form-
“Ay a bitch!We’ll have her torn;(she’ll be my wife!)”

Engulf, Endure ;
Hollow me fill…..so i sink.

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