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an ode to chetan bhagat

5 Feb

the 1st post of this year, i dedicate to chetan bhagat, the invisible love of my life. it is a one sided affair, i know… but then true love doesn’t care.

a month ago, i read his most recent “revolution 2020”. the trees from which the papers for the book were churned out, ought to feel marvelous. cos the book made me think. and think big. think positive. think enough to take action. and if a fast read like that costing Rs140 can achieve that, albeit with a few f***’s thrown in for effect, then the writer must *take a bow*. That, dear Mr.Chetan Bhagat, is real good use of human life i say! Pat on back. High five, co-deshvaasi.

Chetan Bhagat’s other rubbish books notwithstanding, (except 5 point someone ofcourse for which he got more than his portion of gratification), i think the man is using his finite time on this planet darn well. As corny as it may sound, after reading 5 point someone and leaving no page unturned;literally;) i mailed him of being a canditate to consider if he believed in polygamy. sorry, wife and twin kids. young girls say weird things even without the influence of alcohol.

so people, i earnestly request you to not write off people under the public eye and more so people precious to you if they screw up a bunch of times. they dont enjoy doing it. so let them be and give them a chance. you dint create them. so stop posing like god. whats karma for! and icing on cake of gyaan; dont write urself off. ur super. see u follow this blog right? so even if the world hates u, you have an admirer ūüôā

few long happy breaths.


my brother’s in the news!

16 Feb

 xerox-copy-of-me-in-male-form, my brother, had a small column written on him for his apprent wierd/nice act at kala ghoda.

do check it out. atleast to see how i wud look if i were male.:)


stardust awards-backstage!

16 Feb

firstly why the hell is it called star “dust” ? guys pls tell me there is a deep meaning to this!

ok so i was among the lucky(?!) ones who got to be in the 10cm radius of bollywood hot bods yesterday. i must say i was rather excited and pissed both; excited for obvious reasons, pissed for reasons i can’t mention (let my internship get over, and i wil call a spade, a spade;)) . so for all u movie buffs, i meet the unassumingly stunning farhan akthar, my husband of next life-akshay kumar, gorgeous n thin-kajol, nose job and more-priyanka chopra, sallu( sorry bhai, may ur dog RIP), i m now competition for al pachino-anil kapoor, asin- whos cutey pie dad gave me her card, shreya saran – who i thot was asin and¬† guess wat guys!! I SPOKE TO HER AND CALLED HER ASIN ASIN some 5 times!! ¬†either she cursed me in her head or felt all precious that i equated her¬†with asin. arre but wat i can do, these two¬†look so alike!! apologies shreya! …then there was lovely vidya balan, i smoke my son’s ciggerette-kiran bedi, that smita patil’s hot son in jaane tu with short hair (why fellow, why??!?!), saif + kareena who went ‘saiiifuuuuu’ wit a lot of lust..er..luuurrvee.., ofcourse big¬†B who wore wierd clothes and had wierd hair but still had his stunning persona in place. the lesser mortals,¬†i love them all (but thats how they were treated), were amrita rao(OOOFF IRRITATING), ameesha (OUTRIGHT RUDE), tusshar (4’3”) ,vivek oberoi, dino, celina etc etc.¬†

¬†i totally agree they are all stars, i totally agree that they work their asses off to get where they are, and i totally dig into hindi cinema and most of these actors…. but i say this very sadly that the whole process felt so GOD DAMN SHALLOW. ¬†i was observing myself of how i was behaving utterly doglike when i saw these actors while the lovely dancers and make up artists and all the paraphernelia where running around with no help. i wondered why amitabhji has so many body gaurds, i mean hes makes india proud, but who really has the time or interest to harm him? but i guess he must hv his reasons like everyone else have their reasons to be so fake from within and without.

each one of us is so special na>? ( sorry for this sudden insightful line.hehe). i realised this once again yesterday, that if i behaved doglike with those guys , i might as well behave doglike with everyone on this planet and pamper the hell out of everyone who is breathing! cos its all about breathing anyway! lou u all ! jai guru dev!

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