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The M(D)anavathey Project.

17 Mar

There are projects, and then there are projects. This one doesn’t qualify under either.

Sohumming 35,000 kannada speaking brats, free of cost, under adverse conditions, in 15 days is not a project. It is a tsunami.
But I got through my part of the big jigsaw more or less smoothly. Thanks to all the love that I was filled up to the brim with in manipal. I am convinced I have some karma with that place. I feel so much at home there, more like a spiked pseudo ashram feel. Spike being the PDA, the smoke rings and the drunken stupor.;)

A bundle of us camped with our yoga mats in our minimalistic (mirror free) YES!+ manipal abode. The main course was Danavathey but the mocktails, starters and dessert stole the show.
We watched patanjali yog sutra in the morning, which for me was like a daily dose of red bull. Few of us did a fullon kadak upvaas, minus H2O even, on Shivratri. The group tapa made it fun and thick.
Bawa’s board games were hackneyed followed by tremendous varieties of massages that embodied pleasure and beyond.
World cup in random small hang outs with flat screen tv was super fun too.
Long kriya was performed on the terrace after which a cute candle lit barbecue happened thanks to Sam and Arun. These 2 are like amaron batteries, last long very long;);)Phew, insane energy they are endowed with.
One day, a dip in temple pond was also taken. This pond is situated in an eeriely romantic green place filled with pedicuring fish. We lost ourselves there until an uninvited guest- the water snake chose to share the water body with us.
Desperately tasty south indian home cooked food was consumed (standing ovation to preeti and deepti) and was ravenously consumed by us pondies. Midnight pasta that was manifested was mostly freakking tasty too;)

The daytimes weren’t oh-so-rosy however. I had to unleash my vocal chords in a language alien to the asuras i was teaching in the 4 government colleges i was assigned. With utter lack of electricity, a strong presence of the lord of heat was experienced. Each sweat pore of my surface area cried tears of agony. This is beside my insides which were anyway wailing at my helpless condition.

So the days and nights were long, woefully and gleefully respectively.
Names must be taken, people must be thanked for the gleeful part of the equation.

1] Nikhil; for being the original roomie without even a mirror in the house. he’s enlightened.!

2] Rohit; for being the smartest descendent of meerut.

3] Kulprit; for being there, “waqt se pehle, jarurath se jyada”, like all good things.

4] Aseem; for the nights filled with mindless laughter.

5] Abhinav; for making me feel precious about myself.

6] Arun; for being my guardian angel.

7] Arun’s car for being my non-living guardian angel.

8] The patanjali gang for appearing at 6am (approximately;)) for all of 11 days.

9] Guruji, for getting the above 8 in my life.

I can welcome death this very moment. I feel so full in every way.
Regret free, untouched, happy bird type…
Jai guru dev



11 Jan

What did guruji do?
The very second we took the mike to sing, guruji took his mike to talk!! HELL. FREEZE. STORY OVER. WISH, CRUSHED!
We can’t even blame anyone now! But guess what!!!!! The very second after that, he saw us with the mike and adorning that ‘all-knowing’ smile, he indicated us to sing, pushing away his mike and gently closing his eyes to meditate. Wow. The moment felt too perfect to be true! Srivi and I mentally broke into a dance and sang the song, albeit pretty beautifully. Oh my god, we were so happy to sing for Him!! From a distance, Bhanumaa waved and smiled acknowledgingly. Utterly elated we were!;)

Satsang’s with guruji always end with, “People with birthdays come forward…” and I plunged happily towards my guru. In a flash, like a flash, abhiram appeared magically producing a gorgeous strawberry cake and frizbeed it into my hands. guruji garlanded me and blessed the cake. the cake then magically vanished as magically as it had appeared.;)

My venkat day spree was summing up glamorously! Further, at 10pm, i even got to walk few meters with guruji and ask him if he enjoyed the now famous dahi wada. Guruji said, ” I ate little bit, but the garnishing was very good”. Man, I dissolved in ecstasy. By the end of it all, I felt so loved and content that I totally forgot to be miserable over turning older.

However, it doesn’t pinch so bad when friends (read Eby Felix) write such poetry for you..
I humbly present to you one among my precious birthday gifts’ this year.

“happy birthday”

” to your eyes, intimidating
otherwise telling a story
of innocence jaded
with pastel colors…”

” to your existence, powerful
otherwise with a simple taste
of exquisite flavor
from food to meditation”

” to your laugh, overpowering
otherwise making sounds
of nocturnal seas
that reach your soul within”

” to your love, exclusive
otherwise like all good things
free…for them who find meaning
in those subtleties, like me”

What is the moral of the story?
Hell, I AM 25!!

kaay tumche paay, om namah shivay!!

12 Oct

how can i not write about god.no 2 after writing about god no.1 in such detail. please refer earlier post if the bulb hasn’t lit up yet. if u have taken an art of living course, then u must wonder how deceited i am, cos guruji shud ideally fit in no.1 position. honeys, guruji makes gods for a profession. clear? can i continue? i take the silence for a yes;)

god no.2.

if u have ever seen the waves in the ocean, then u have seen dinesh bhaiya; this is wat most yesplussed souls know him to be. but some lucky ones like me know of the multiple personality syndrome he is bestowed with. to put it loosly, that of a bhramin and that of a maratha.

lets deal wit the bhraminical inntonations of his wise existence:
the unfathomable blob of satva that dada is, the moment he glides into an advance course, thousands of hyper youth break into a frenzy. (ur nodding right.?cos u are one of them. he haw haw.) many drool even. i swear! it’s very clear, that he owns the world with great ease, when he walks that walk and talks that talk.
a shloka or two in sanskrit, and a whole bunch of urban youth melt as if amul butter on hot paratha.
a few yoga postures, and madonna can plead for forgiveness in some court.
that one look directly into your eyes among so many, and u know for sure, all the troubles u had housed for years are now homeless.

now for the kshatriya section of his vice exsistance:
as i get stupified ‘punah punah’ while observing all of the above, i know of the packet of rajas which explodes in vishwamitra territories- wild tickleing, biting if need be (male bonding they say!), violent display of football skills, rigorous workout, desperately sad marathi jokes (this post’s title is not any sentence, its dada’s joke), and then few sadder attempts in english, extensive cheating, cos dinesh dada’s aura doesnt permit losing, unless it is to bawa, even then actually, and heavy consumption of junk food;) the SECRET IS OUTTTT.

but then to embrace the ram and ravan within us is the art of living, isn’t it? atleast mani rathnam agrees.

the maid-of-honour

31 Jul

People come and go though we don’t like it that way. Kalpana taai, my x-house help is among those important people..  She pampered me so much (but ofcourse worshipped my brother! irritatingly, the whole world’s partial to that fellow); provided hot food, superb massages, kept the house spic and span as if it were a museum.

So frail at 60, she had the energy of a youth. She would barely reach my shoulder, and i am short. But u cross her path, and u wudn’t be spared. The only earning member of her useless family, I was so inspired by her zeal.

She loved to adorn her hair with flowers and made rocking nimbu paani. She would rather work than sit for pooja! She wud rather work than sleep. She basically loved working! Which was so refreshing, especially for my mom! Perhaps the only bad habit she had was she wud chew tobacco. Taai was too up tight to care for my constant nagging against it. She wud act as if i was talking to the fan and give me a look which when translated, read, “this is the only thing i do wrong, so deal with it gurl!”

In my house she managed the materialistic abundance with élan against going back to her home where she had to walk a mile and stand in queue forever to fill 2 buckets of water.(god can be cruel at times!! grrrhh)
Unfortunately she doesn’t come home anymore. Where ever u are kalpana taai, i love u.

my granny bestest! woohoo!!

4 Feb

today’s her birthday!!.. oh how i love her! this one’s 100% for u paati…
she’s the coolest cutest cuddliest woman and i wish her 1000 more years of existence. apppy birrday paati! muah
now now, lets enlighten u abt her!
she watches espn in her spare time when she is done watching sanskar (pls note: she’s beyond the saas bahu shit.)
u’ll be surprised how much billiards, golf, tennis, cricket (perhaps even WWF) she follows! I know of a time when she gave ‘Reiki’ to the indian cricket team for them to win! now thats insanely adorable!!
she’ll shock u with all the history and geography she’s ever read from kindergarden until now. she’s got the most lovely handwriting though i hv seen her write only ‘shri rama jayam’ with that! see, this is a very tam bram thing.. it tops the chart in most 50+yr old’s To-Do list.

oh yeah, and she’ll stun u with all the mythological stories that hv ever taken place(or not)…she doesnt even need to dabble wit the names, gran knows it all pit pat! hindus hv to remember too many devas n asuras man, this religion is elaborate to say the least.
infact one time i was attempting(this is the most imp. word in this sentence;)) to byheart ‘vishu sahasranamam’ (its these 1008 names of vishu in sanskirt, each of which have a beautiful meaning), and paati knew the explanation/stories for each of those names..man,was i shocked!
i thot she randomly parroted those sholkas and puked them out everyday, but lo behold, i was a jerk to think that! i am jerk even if i dint think that actually. i m a jerk. period.hehe

coming back to paati; when my bro n i were tiny-er, we used to plait her long hair. thats not it. once we were done, we wud argue that we cud hv done better and hence we wud unplait her hair. and re plait. and then un plait and then re plaint. over n over n over!! paati wud gracefully sit through this whole process without complaining, happily sipping her ‘de-cog-shan’ coffee. another necessary tam bram trait.

so that she cud get some shut eye in the afternoons, she used to put us to sleep wit her self created sleep stories.. my fav. was the 2 brothers ka tale-RAAMU SHOMU. raamu was the cool dude n shomu was the idiot. sometime when u and i r chilling, remind me to share it.

granma, in those times, was among the very few working women.. and she proudly tells me today that her pension is twice as much as her x-salary. pretty cool eh?
and ofcourse, like all granma’s she’ll melt ur heart and soothe ur palate with mind blowing simple fresh hot yumm food! and she’ll be totally surprised if the salt was fine even today. after all this hardwork, her palms are still like a 2 month olds palms. so soft and pink, it makes me wanna cry..

at this age, paati has fallen in love. and thats with MR.Sudoku. she can finish books the size of my engineering texts, and still hv the enthu to solve more sudokus’!! every time my mum gifts her these sudoku books, the twinkle in paati’s eye only gets 50 watt stronger.

she’s seen it all; from gold slabs at home to 12 people sharing a tiny room. and we all know lots of things change around u when that happens..wat followed was more of a hindi movie…
i m so so proud that she’s nearly single handedly brought up a phenomenal daugther( my mommy!!muah) and 3 dashing sons. *touching lots of wood*

hey, one important thing i forgot! paati loved to eat ice in her childhood! she wud down golaas by the hour! i wasn’t kidding when i said she’s cool~

no post or gift or gesture can sum up how precious u are to me, dear paati.
i am eager to listen to the new version of ‘Ramu-Shomu’ that u are gona be enlightening my kids with!
Oceans full of love.
happy birthday!
ur lucky peythi.

the best month of my life thus far…

21 Jul

july it is! thou i am still in the middle of it, its just been fully awesome and theres more superbness scheduled.
it started off with the the yes!+ course in koramangala, bangalore that went on till 2nd july.. it was super fun! i then did the guru poornima 7 day long advance course in the ashram which was craziness personified. some 5 days of silence it had. i am quite a chatter box, so it was all the more blissful for me! i was thoroughly blissed out by 12th july. but then i reminded myself of the outside world and aha! it was my dad’s birrday on 13th! how cud i miss that! and my mum n bro as usual had a surprise plan to embarrass dad at work. which worked perfectly as planned. so i surprised them all by flying into mumbai for the birrday! the maddening mumbai rains welcomed me. i chilled and surprised my college buddies and my little niece in the next few days. i got back to ashram on 17th and lo behold, i did the blessings course from 18th!! the most weirdly stunning course, kudos to guruji;s creativity and MASTER plan (pun intended). so today i sit an type as a very content person. and guess wat my mum got here today to become a teacher of the art of living. long pending actually. and day after, the last week of this wonderful july, we begin the next yes!+ in koramangala!!! i knw some of u may be wondering as to why this girl has written her full month ka schedule! but u knw, very few get to do such crazy courses back to back and hv such a powerful month. besides its my blog, so i can darn well write watever i feel like, hehehe. just kidding 😉

my brother’s in the news!

16 Feb

 xerox-copy-of-me-in-male-form, my brother, had a small column written on him for his apprent wierd/nice act at kala ghoda.

do check it out. atleast to see how i wud look if i were male.:)


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