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my fattee buddies-Part 7

2 Mar

i take a vow on this massive internet space that the weddings mentioned below, will be the last 2 that i will be attending. my other friends needn’t feel offended cos in all probability, you my dear, are already married! people call it the wedding season, in my case, it feels like a damn decade of only clapping and weeping at weddings!! such overdose will ensure extreme boredom at my own, thats for sure!

but this march is special. cos 2 of my besties will enter wedlock with their respective gorgeous lovers.
let’s take them one at a time.

aditi & srini. they also know each other. for which i take full credit.

aditi & srini. they also know each other. for which i take full credit.

Aditi mokashi, loving called adito by me, is my 2nd oldest real friend. we date back to the time of the dinosaurs. actually, earlier. around the time when Hritik jumped into the movie business. i say this, cos adito & i shared stage space in our maiden bollywood  performance on “ek pal ka jeena” from the legendary kaho na pyaar hai. it shames me today, but to our credit, we aped every step real hard.:) there was chamki throwing for effect, as we entered stage.so much for misplaced innocence. truth be told, we were vying for attention from atleast one of the 10th std guys who we were farewelling, even if it was their very last day in school.

Must tell u, that adito’s family has a unique trait of being the epicentre of situational comedy. and when she laughs, her whole shareer laughs not sparing her little toe. it’s nearly as if a child is trapped in the body of a grown up. Speaking of grown up’s a little birdie told me and some of u who hv received the wedding invite, that a hawa ka thanda jhoka (a.k.a samir) has managed to sweep our lady off her feet. he has little idea how lucky he is:).

In the recent past, adito has ran many a marathons & has taken to fitness very seriously, barring the occasional indulgence (background score: manushya ke sponge samaan phepde…..itna tar, aapko bimaar…bahut beemaar, karne ke liye.. kafi hai. LOL. fully faltu ad.) Sources say, even when Samir went on his knee, Adito was spotted with her running shoes! Aptly so. Zero pun. Only prem ❤

Dearest adito, with all the meditating power vested in me, i pray that samir and u travel every square inch of this planet together and laugh into the sunset. and if, by the time of ur 75th anniversary, the smart ones discover life on another planet; may u travel there too, hand in hand.

Bestie no.2 also happens to be my bro, Sriniiii!!

He’s only the 2nd person i have tied rakhi to after Indradweep from 5th std who was rakhified cos he had the most epic handwriting & the fountain pen never blotted on his fingers. ouch, drift. ya, so when i met srini, i had this overpowering feeling of wanting to be protected by him. so he was the – right choice baby, for a macho brother from a different mother, yo!:) but how did we meet? brace urself …(karan johar accent)… We 1st met on Orkut!!! Truly embarrassing for Mark Zukerberg. 1-nil, fellow!

I once managed to convince srini that i had a giraffe for a pet. but don’t u do the mistake of judging his IQ based on this, cos u do know that intelligence is measured by the no. of folds in the brain right? (I do take uber facts very seriously on twitter :))
so here’s the formula:
Srini’s brain folds = (Einstein -1) brain folds = Summation of brain folds of all my family members (FYI- my dad has 7 siblings)
Point being, srini knows everything about everything which fundamentally ensures that, around him, u feel like a twerp/retard or both. his drop dead looks, over the top wit, smouldering sense of humour, velvety people skills also further the cause. perhaps thats why his cells multiplied overtime in hope that the world gets 2 srinis’. but it doesn’t work that way you pathetic blobs of protoplasm! the world will have to make do with just one awesome srini:)

His achievements include swimming with sharks and studying in Cambridge University where he actually visited the cafe where Sonia served as waitress (per chai wale ki chai ka majja videshi cafe me kahaan! vote for NaMo!!) Ooops, continental drift.
I am of the belief that a person who hasn’t done AOL, hasn’t meditated; has not really experienced true joy. but i see an exception to this rule in Srini’s wife-to-be, Mitali. She’s such a fountain of joy & its nearly jarringly apparent, how much of a pure soul she is! her eyes often reduce to a line beautifully decorated with kohl, cos she is perennially in a state of wonder, giggling away. I am already amazed at the magical genes their kids will be endowed with.

The warmest hug, a slurpy kiss & all my love to both the couples!


what is so romantic about it?

15 Feb

valentine’s day-clearly the most overrated day for all the single people in the world (me included);).
i had one hell of a day, nevertheless.
basically i have gathered some massively sucky train karma. i must’ve been an aeroplane in my last birth and the trains have been jealous ever since.

little flashback to prove this point- so last week i got into a train though i was wait listed 7. and the tc oblidged by giving me his seat. ofcourse i was so darn sleepy (which is my ground state of consciousness;)) that i woke up half hr after mysore (my then desired desitnation). it was 5am and my phone had died. so the alarm dint go off. murphy’s law. and i have tremendous fear of the dark. and men. in the dark.;) but i had a course to rush to, so i had to get off at the next, very weary station, mandya. now mandya is a village which wishes it were a town. well, coming back to the extremely isolated mandya station at 5am in pitch darkness, i spotted one happy autorickshaw man. there was exactly one. i was like “guruji, come on man, show me your presence, you said your always around, where the bloody hell are youuu, i need proof !!” so the auto guy drops me to an imaginary bus stop and tells me fiercely that bus to mysore will arrive shortly. and as he left, right opposite the so called bus stop in mandya, at 5.10am in continued pitch darkness, what do my eyes spot? exactly, and i meant it, right in front of my face, on the opposite side of the road, is a huge hoarding. it has pictures of many random people and a huge full size picture of a smiling HIS HOLINESS SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR. finish, one tear each eye;)

dear pals, i realise i haven’t even begun with the absolutely psychotic event list which took place on valentines day! fine i will keep it cryptic and unexaggerated.;)
13th feb, 9pm- train to mysore from bangalore. waitlisted-1, e-ticket that apparently automatically gets cancelled and refunded, god knows why.
13th feb, 9.15pm- ticketless in train. hanging out with wait list-2 man, also ticketless in train;)
13th feb, 9.30pm to 11pm- tc refuses to help or is rather helpless. so i sit beside the washbasin on the floor of the train outside 2nd ac boggie. i scratch. i facebook. i get sprinkled with water by a man who flutters his hand after his sumptuous dinner.
that very moment i acknowledged; whether or not men love me on this auspicious day, god clearly doesn’t.
13th feb, 11.30pm- get off helplessly at mysore and head to yasha’s house. she is an angel. her mum is god.
13th feb, 12midnight- i begin to sleep
14th feb, 9am- wake up to eat dosa
14th feb, 9.15am- morphined sleep resumes
14th feb, 7pm- wake up to realise that tonight’s ticket is also WAIT LISTED-1!
14th feb, 11.30pm- this time the tc is a darling and though i am ticketless, he gives me 3rd ac seat and says to me “you are one lucky girl” and i think to myself… what a wonderful world!!


11 Jan

What did guruji do?
The very second we took the mike to sing, guruji took his mike to talk!! HELL. FREEZE. STORY OVER. WISH, CRUSHED!
We can’t even blame anyone now! But guess what!!!!! The very second after that, he saw us with the mike and adorning that ‘all-knowing’ smile, he indicated us to sing, pushing away his mike and gently closing his eyes to meditate. Wow. The moment felt too perfect to be true! Srivi and I mentally broke into a dance and sang the song, albeit pretty beautifully. Oh my god, we were so happy to sing for Him!! From a distance, Bhanumaa waved and smiled acknowledgingly. Utterly elated we were!;)

Satsang’s with guruji always end with, “People with birthdays come forward…” and I plunged happily towards my guru. In a flash, like a flash, abhiram appeared magically producing a gorgeous strawberry cake and frizbeed it into my hands. guruji garlanded me and blessed the cake. the cake then magically vanished as magically as it had appeared.;)

My venkat day spree was summing up glamorously! Further, at 10pm, i even got to walk few meters with guruji and ask him if he enjoyed the now famous dahi wada. Guruji said, ” I ate little bit, but the garnishing was very good”. Man, I dissolved in ecstasy. By the end of it all, I felt so loved and content that I totally forgot to be miserable over turning older.

However, it doesn’t pinch so bad when friends (read Eby Felix) write such poetry for you..
I humbly present to you one among my precious birthday gifts’ this year.

“happy birthday”

” to your eyes, intimidating
otherwise telling a story
of innocence jaded
with pastel colors…”

” to your existence, powerful
otherwise with a simple taste
of exquisite flavor
from food to meditation”

” to your laugh, overpowering
otherwise making sounds
of nocturnal seas
that reach your soul within”

” to your love, exclusive
otherwise like all good things
free…for them who find meaning
in those subtleties, like me”

What is the moral of the story?
Hell, I AM 25!!


10 Jan

Did guruji eat the dahi wadas’?
Well, that I will save for little later. 3 more lots of dahi wadas was made for local consumption from noon to dusk cos apparently they tasted like ambrosia in semi solid state. I served it to the who’s who of the ashram namely, Swami Vishnupaadji (he granted me a wish for my birthday;)), young and very dashing Swami Gyantej who shared his interesting life story in return, Vinod Menon (*take a bow*) who gave me 7.5/10 for my creation ( now that score from him is like getting into IIT without evening writing IITJEE;)) and needless to say, BnD who mean the world to me & most of the rest of the world.;) The wada’s had been lucky to enter the oesophaguses of such higher (im)mortals.

Satsang time of day was nearing. Srivi (one of my crazy beautiful room mates’) and I had decided to sing a devi bhajan ‘Vishalakshi devi, ananda roopini’, cos 7th jan also happens to be guruji’s mum -vishalakshi amma’s birthday. Yes, I am one lucky thing. No, I am not all that whiney.;)

Coming back, Srivi and my decision to sing did not mean anything to the VVIP singers who have been singing to guruji in satsangs for gazillion years and continue to itch for the mike as if they suffer from acute chicken pox. So when guruji walked into the Vishalakshi Mandap and sat, one among the VVIP chicken poxed women, converted her bhajan into a medley long enough to feel married to the mike. But the two of us managed to procure the mike the very moment she fell silent. What guruji did after that nearly killed us both from within.

What did guruji do?
Your turn to ‘itch’ with impatience;) until tomorrow;) You could read the other posts in the meanwhile;)

twice married.

1 Nov

i am a desperate tam bram after my stint in a desparate south indian college. from that moment on, i have been mesmerised by a lot of ‘our’ rituals, the most bewitching being our quintessential ‘iyer’ wedding rites.

i doubt u know the whole holy matrimony story line which is mighty cute. without further ado;
the boy’s eyes are tied- girl walks in looking sensational in kanjeevaram saree with all the bharat natyam head gear- boy’s eyes open and he pays tribute to his luck- girl blushes- girl sent to change saree (which is an every once in 143 seconds phenomenon)- boy allegedly angry, walks out of mandap with pal (whose sole job is to hold an umbrella and pose for pics) cos girl taking too long to dress up- boy threatens to go to kashi and become sanyaasi- f-in-law pleads him to stop (old dowry theory was part of this moment where f-in-law promised gifts to lure boy into marrying his daughter)- boy walks back in (cos men are desperate by nature:))- girl and boy teasingly exchange garlands- teasing involves muscles of men relatives who lift boy/girl making garland exchange process amusing for the spectator wives who stand blushing and cheering on their ‘mere woh’s’ machismo-girl and boy sit in a jhula where they are said to represent vishnu and lakshmi- they flirt, women sing, often out of tune- phir nazar nikaalte hain (u gotto watch this process, a blog post has its limitations)- kanyaadanam where girl sits on daddy’s lap(tear)- girl changes into the oh so gorgeous red nine yard saree and looks nothing short of mother divine- girl on dad’s lap again (finale approaching, tear tear)- dad repeats the mantra 3 times, once for the society, once for both families, once for the two lovers- the mantra essentially means that his daughter has now successfully been transplanted into the boy’s family- boy ties the very precious yellow tread with a gold M shaped locket (‘thaali’ its called-not as in the gujju thaali, this is freakking waaay more precious than that or any damn thing in the world to the girl from that moment on, i mean we would guard it with our life!!) – 3 knots tied again for society,family,each other respectively (cool concept i think)- this very moment is THE moment of happy tears and goosebumps (dont tell anybody, but i cry like a baby even if i dont know the bride or groom, i mean its that emo)- boy holds girl’s toe and has her walk few steps, as if into his life (hilt of cuteness)- an hour of mantra ucchaarann- expensive gifts- a green leaf full of mad food- few extra helpings of paal paaysam- a simple south indian paan- dreamless sleep for 3 hours minimum- evening ‘nalangu’= stupid 1 minute games between the newly weds (basically to bond, due to the arranged marriage scenario, these days of course its just for t.p. as one has bonded in great depth way prior to this ceremony, both, mentally and physically ;))

i have witnessed many a weddings befitting the above description. but recently, some extremely close buddies got hitched in this fashion, namely, madhuri and karpagavalli, my adorable x-roomies in bangalore.

my maddy and my k.k 😉




i knew all along that they were devis…
but on their special day, this truth was reinstated.       it was surreal…
their faces are etched in my memory. my heart, to this day, becomes full when i think of their ‘thaali’ moment…
as if it were my own…







when i ignored him..

15 Sep

i must confess of my slothful lackadaisical taamsic state of consciousness because of i which i dint even attend one out of 5 aartis of the building ganpati. shame, i know..

the highly enthused building members pampered and pleaded but to no avail.

my body had taken over my mind and it wudnt budge.

and frankly after 3 months of travelling more than the world’s busiest nomadic tribe; socializing has become nauseating. doing nothing is the new high in my life!

not attending ganpati pooja, not giving a rat’s ass abt aarti, not laughing abt sweet nothings wit my mentally morose neighbours n co. is considered blasphemy in my sphere of existence. of course, this dint prevent me from downing those exceptionally tongue tickling gujju meals after the poojas. shame square, i know..

but the divine startled me today. for the 1st time in my building’s ganesha history, the smaller of the 2 ganu’s (to which all the heavy duty pooja is done) was got to each one’s home and the housewala’s had to do its aarti etc. i mean really this is kinda unheard of, that the ganu idol is taken to each flat. and mine’s a 10 storey alright! and another interesting thing to note is that, the man of the house gets to lift it and take it around the house.

i must inform u at this point, that the one and a half men who reside in my house generally, were missing. one in noida, half in pune. and so, I, the hopeless ganpati ignorer, got to lift the idol and show him around the house that i had cleaned up in exactly 15 min (we are all pro’s at this no? moving the mess from the visible spectrum into the infra red/ultra violent drawers;);))

shifting gears now.

u know, u can let go of the divine; but the divine never let’s go of u..
for him, u r the centre of the universe!
guruji has said very beautifully;
“we are all babies of the divine. mother (here: divine) loves all her babies equally. but some babies whine n cry all the time and some others smile n play; u choose wat kind of a baby u want to be..”


24 Jan

the 1st YES!+ course of this year which i facilitated along with the cutest thing on earth(read:ashokji) was an absolut (pun intended) blast. i felt this unexplainable connection with many guys taking the course for the 1st time as if i had known them for eons. manipal’s old yes!+ graduates are utterly adorable n took care of us as if we were mini gurujis… and the new ones dined with us from day-1 and are presently chilling with sri sri in the ashram, MINUS ME…DON’T EVEN GET THERE…grrrhhh
few wonderful things that touched me;
1. in udupi, which is Rs.4 by bus from mani, every bus conductor wud stop the bus for a second and put a coin in the hundi of every tiny temple on the way. it was utterly adorable to watch that!!
2. india has tremendously tremendous landscapes. man! out of a postcard. mangalore, uuff!! i think the creator nailed it when it comes to assembling india. i dunno why i am doing so much india india these days, may be republic day fever. rest of the world can take a bow too 😉
3. all the participants jointly decided to wear green ribbons for a week to college to show off being a proud vegetarian. mr. global warming can go take a hike! kudos to the kreativiti!
3. there is so much love in people’s hearts. its a matter of time and the whole world is gona be overflowing with love n devotion… the trailor is on air already! aint it?

danke manipalis,
b4 i start missing u guys too much, me heading back to u!
lou, jai guru dev.
P.S: pix are on their way. u cant blame them when they are partying with the master!

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