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my fattee buddies-Part 3

22 Apr

how drastically we change. its strange for me to even look at my school pics. ‘Embaressed’ isn’t word enough to describe the feeling.

my school pals would nod in agreement if u asked them if nerd and priya were synonyms. Man, i was so utterly out there to impress the whole darn world during my ICSE school days. specially cos i was in a very very simple innocent set up before that where the worst abuse i knew was ‘stupid’. i failed over n over in showcasing my non-existant coolness. and this coolness wanted to widen its spectrum by the time i entered college!(pls tell me u were like this too?pls pls)

i was skillfully talked into joining a mega dravidian( read south-indian, drowned in the aroma of sambar and coconut chutney) institute which provided a platform for more showoffing as i was from an ICSE background. yeah, CBSE walas are lesser mortals and SSC janta come just about close to qualifying as amphibians. come on, we read shakespeare dude!

this is the background u need to know to appreciate wat i really want to share. which begins from here;

in college, for the 1st time ever, i met a bunch of these well mannered, eloquent, intellectually funny, checked-shirted/salwaar-kameezed, girls-mustn’t-abuse type dravidian amphibians. some 10-15 of them who i totally fell in love with.

they were my earthing wires. i say so cos thanks to them i started respecting my language and hence mad tamil music, beautiful prayers n rituals we did at home, parachute oil, bindi and so on. these 15 odd earthings, all in and around being tambrams ( i hear people screaming racist racist racist in the background;););)) , were  really really so adorable and innocent. some still are.

all of us went on to doom ourselves in the unforgiving whirlpool of suffering and torture worse than the horcrux curse i.e. Engineering.

point being, every sem end, after successfully screwing up in our respective exams, we would go for a pilgrimage/picnic to Titwala(house of our very own super powerful ganpathi).

Well, there were a lot of do’s as part of this excursion for good marks. Namely;

u gotto feed the temple dog

u gotto check out the tortoise in the temple well

u gotto wait for a train to pass by when ur doing the pradakshina

u gotto eat misal pav in a shabby lil’ restaurant just outside the temple

u gotto walk back to the railway station from the temple (hell why?????)

thats a fun list of ‘u gotto’s’ to bribe god for a 1st class no?

an atheist wud simply say, ‘go study man!’….well what a boring life they lead! tsk tsk..

must say all this worked though, cos if i cud get a 1st class in each of the 8 semesters with no KT’s; god exists. he soooooo does!

see this comes from a person who detests engineering more than the taste of fungus infected, maggot filled brownies.

for proof i recommend my older post, to read which, u can click here.

culturally sound,

as much showoffy,

priya mani


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