Shravan purnima

Today, i.e. 6th nov ’14 is technically the 8th full moon of the year, which is Karthik purnima/ Guru nanak jayanti…but i am slightly OCD about going in order. and this is my blog ;P so lets stick to exploring Shravan purnima, the 5th full moon.
Shravan purnima marks the end of rainy season, and fishermen in maharashtra pray to the sea for being so kind and keeping them safe against the tides. they pay obeisance by offering coconut to the ocean. thanks to this ritual, the day is also known as ‘naarali purnima’ (naaral-coconut in marathi)
the fact that our culture is so profound gets reinstated time and again when i hear of such cute rituals which alleviate even inanimate objects to life and equates nature to god. there’s one very gorgeous saying on this topic by sri sri. he said, ‘in love even objects come alive and in lust even living beings become like an object.’
Shravan month is super auspicious for hindus and is reserved for prayer and prayer alone. shravan monday’s are famous for rudram chanted in praise of lord shiva and is said to hv multiple times the positive effect than it does usually.
Raksha bandhan is what is celebrated on this purnima signifying fevicol ka majboot jod between brother and sister. The sister ties a decorated thread; ‘rakshai’ around the brother’s wrist with all her love (…and a greedy eye for an expensive gift. lol)
In case of brahmins, atleast the one’s down south, the holy thread they wear across their chest is considered as the ‘rakshai’. and that’s why on shravan purnima they celebrate what is called ‘avani avittam’ or change-the-thread process during which they re-invoke the 3 vows which represent the 3 threads; that of spreading knowledge, uplifting society and protecting their family.

There are 2 rakhi stories in our mythology. both very unique & super cute.

story 1: king bali known as ‘daana veera shoora’ ruled earth. he was predominantly awesome but had slight pride cos he was predominantly awesome!! XD that’s when vamana avataar of vishu cropped up to show raja bali his place. vamana means a young bhikshu, a dwarf. the young bhikshu asked the ever-so-generous bali for land equal to area just 3 times his tiny feet. obviously bali not only agreed but urged him to ask something more substantial. vamana (vishnu in fancy dress) expanded so much so that his one foot covered the enitre surface of the earth. the 2nd foot covered the entire akash loka and vamana complained that there was no place left for him to place his 3rd foot!
raja bali, dumbstruck, prostrated in front of lord vishnu and asked him to keep his 3rd foot on raja bali’s head. bali’s ego dissolved as he directly reached sutala loka and went on to rule there but who would rule bhoomi in his absence? cos whatever said and done, leaving aside his tiny inflated ego, he was a super duper king. so the all compassionate lord vishnu agreed to become the ‘dwaarpalakar’ of the kingdom & keep a watch on it in bali’s absense. meanwhile, lakshmi was getting impatient without her lord up in deva loka. so she tied ‘rakhi’ to raja bali and in return he offered her a gift. she promptly asked for her husband to be freed from the ‘dwarpaal’ role and to be sent back to vaikunth. bali was very amused and ofcourse let go of lord vishnu. 🙂

story 2: Lord Krishna saved Draupadi uniquely from a scandalous situation, remember? She was his bigtime devotee, much like one is to a cool big bro. once krishna came to see the Pandavas in the forests during the period of their exile. He had a cut on his finger that was bleeding. Seeing this, Draupadi immediately tore off the edge of her Saree and dressed his wound to comfort him. so, this was the kind of Rakhi, Draupadi offered to Lord Krishna. It had the exclusiveness of concern & love.

cheers to all the cute fights among siblings in the world,
may u be there for each other through thick and thin and everything in between 🙂


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  1. aseemtaneja November 8, 2014 at 12:25 pm #

    brilliant 🙂

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