Paush purnima

The 1st purnima of this new year by the Gregorian calendar, is today – 5th Jan 2015. The sun starts its northward journey from today.
Lord Bhagvati is prayed to, for providing rain & creating greenery in the planet.
this is a super imp. month for the farmers because they get their fresh yield of crop this time around.
makar sankranti (kite flying in gujrat)
pongal (a week long vacation in tamil nadu)
bihu (assam’s holi style celebration)
lodhi (celebrated with punjab’s bhangra & giddha)
are all paryayvaachi shabd of the same harvest festival which begins from today’s purnima.

‘Thiruvathirai’ is also celebrated this day. It is a Tamil & Kerala thing.
I hope you know that the lord of dance, Nataraja (shiva only basically) is stationed in Chidambaram, Tamil nadu. It is on Thiruvathirai day that nataraja gave moksha to one of his ardent devotees’ by the name Nandanaar.
Nandanaar’s story is very beautiful. He was a schedule caste guy & hence not allowed into the temple. (warped ways of those days!) He toiled in the fields of a big land lord who has given him lot of work to do specially cos it was harvest time. But nandanaar wanted to badly see his beloved nataraja. with intense longing & a prayer in his heart, he slept off. He woke up to see that all the field work was automatically magically done! he was thrilled and set off to chidambaram to meet his lord. (it is said that lord shiva himself came in the night & toiled in the farm <3)
When nandanaar reached the temple gate, he was stopped because of being low caste. and from outside he couldn’t even get a glimpse of shiva, cos if you have been to a shiva temple, you would have noticed that shiva’s vaahana, the nandi is kept right in front of shiva. the nandi was blocking nandanaar’s view. he was growing so desperate as infinite tears kept rolling down his cheeks to catch only one glimpse of his lord. it is said he was so full of devotion, that nandi actually moved and the bystanders were spellbound! also, the head priest had a dream and was instructed by lord shiva himself to bring nandanaar inside with full honor & fanfare. and the priest did just that.
such a beautiful story of unbridled devotion no?
happy paush purnima.
make sure u say a prayer before you eat your meal as a blessing to all those many involved in bringing the food on our plate…the farmers, the factory workers, the packaging industry, the truck drivers who transport food, the shopkeepers & grocery waalas & the cook ofcourse 🙂
A nice & easy shloka to chant would be “Anna daata, sukhi bhava”


One Response to “Paush purnima”

  1. Kartik Kothari January 8, 2015 at 10:26 am #

    extremely cutely written! 🙂

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