Margashirsha purnima

i am a tam bram born & brought up in mumbai. i am sure i was a maharastrian in some life time cos i love pitla bhakri thecha, kotimbir wadi, sabudanachi wadi, misal , usal, amti, varan bhaath, kanda pohe, trillion more times than idli wada dosa sambar. all this information is only to set the stage to describe the 2 unique ways tamilians and maharashtrians celebrate this same festival.

the tamil celebration anointed as “margazhi maasam” has already been described beautifully by a dear friend karpagavalli in her blog.

the maharashtrians call it the “duttatreya purnima” and here’s why.
the 3 giants & their consorts are; shiva- parvati, vishu – lakshmi, brahma – saraswati
the ladies were proud of their unparalleled love for their respective spouses and considered themselves to be supreme. but they were informed that, there was somebody one-up back on earth by the name anasuya (wife of sage atri). this startled them. to cross check, they sent their respective husbands.
the dutiful brahma, vishu, maheshwara appeared disguised as old sages at the hut of anasuya. atri rishi wasn’t in town. with all her devotion she was to provide alms to the ascetics but they asked her to serve them naked. (!) to refuse the wish of ascetics was massive paap. so she immediately closed her eyes & prayed to her husband to solve the problem.
A miracle.
the 3 sanyasis were converted to little babies.anasuya served breast milk to the babies. atri appeared at the scene & already knew of incident thanks to his super powers. the 3 gods appeared in full form and were darn pleased with anasuya’s devotion and love for her husband sage atri. they had managed to also put the point across to their wives who sent them in the 1st place.
the 3 musketeers offered a boon to the couple. sage atri & anasuya asked for a baby who is a combination of all the 3 energies of lord brahma, vishu & shiva. hence dattatreya, the god with 3 heads & 6 hands became the baby boy of atri & anasuya. controversial but very interesting i think.
there’s a very funny rap song in marathi, based on a whole village being created & becoming a business hub around a datta temple. enjoy it for the creativity but keep praying. 😛


One Response to “Margashirsha purnima”

  1. karpagavalli January 5, 2015 at 10:45 am #

    Wonderful Priya! Thanks for posting! 🙂
    am just in awe of our culture across India… 🙂

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