Kartik purnima

Kartik purnima is filled with birthdays of many precious people. For one, kartik (the ignored brother of the famous ganesha).
it is also the birthday of the following famous ones;
matysa (vishu’s maiden avataar as the fish)
vrinda (personification of the tulsi plant)
guru nanak (founder of sikhism)

kartik purnima is also known as tripurari purnima for a very cool reason. shiva happened to kill the 3 monstrous sons of tarakasura. Tripurasura is a collective name given to those 3 with original names as follows: Vidyunmali, Tarakaksha and Viryavana. common pet name. that is why shiva is also called tripurantakari among his other infinite names.
the detailed story is worth a know. it’s like a rajnikanth movie. mad stuff happens!!
so the three demons performed tapasya and how! 100 years standing only on one leg & 1000 more years they lived on air & as further proof of my rajnikanth point, they stood on their heads and meditated for yet another 1000 years.
Brahma was pleased ( shocked maybe & hence got carried away!). he offered a boon to them & no points for guessing that all they asked was, “Make us immortal”. bramha rejected. so they settled for this weird boon. in their own words, “Grant us the following: Let three forts be made, of gold,silver and iron.These forts built in different worlds shall align once in every 1000 years. (psychedelic mix of inception & inter stellar). the combined forts will be called Tripura. And if anyone can destroy Tripura with only a single arrow, that shall be the death destined for us”. shiva, the magic man, patiently waited for 1000 yrs & did the needful with a divine weapon- pashupatiastra & successfully.
now for the scary part. it has been decided then itself that when kaliyuga arrives (this is kaliyuga for those in denial), they will come back and begin their misbehaviour & preachings afresh. And once they reach their peak, god will take rebirth to wipe them off the earth. big time miscalculation! cos 3 demons are produced here every milli second. improved technology.
anyway, i am fear-free, cos i have found my definition of formless shiva in a form 🙂

back to kartik purnima. weird fact 2. but romantic. radha is prayed to by krishna on this day.
pitrus (our lineage that has left us for greener pastures) are prayed to on this day.
infinite diyas are lit in south india & varanasi celebrating muruga’s birthday & arrival of vishnu from bali airport respectively, on this day.
annakuta, where shiva is abhishekd with cooked rice, is performed on this day.
(“ahamannam ahammannatho” shiva is considered as “anna” himself and also the consumer of “anna”.
i.e. advaitha philosophy – there is no other)
tulsi is married to sugarcane (imaginary vishu), i.e. tulsi vivaah is done on this day.
216km of rough terrain is traversed by staunch jains to palitana, a pilgrim spot, where Adinath, the first tirthankara, delivered his 1st sermon, on this day.
if u visit a guru dwara, thanks to guru nanak dev ji, breathtaking food/langar is available ranging from paneer mutter to subway sandwiches, from maa ki daal to flavoured colas, on this very day.
india is packed with events on kartik purnima basically. one busy country we are!
happy being busy, busy being happy!

naughty one


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