Ashwin purnima

Famously known as sharad/kojagiri purnima, the moon is at its biggest & gorgeous best on this night. there is a tradition of keeping a bowl of milk on the chath at night while devotees sing and celebrate keeping awake. then they all have the milk as prasad in the wee hours of the morning. so far, so boring. but guess what?! the milk turns sweet like nectar! all credit to the powerful rays of the moon known as ‘amruta kataksham’. now that suddenly became a cool magical story no?
this purnima is a supremely romantic one and signifies the victory of love over lust. krishna subdued kalindi (the 7 headed snake) and held its tail while he danced over the 7 heads. thats metaphoric for concurring our negative tendencies such as lust etc. and celebrating the juice of life through the ‘raas leela’. 5200 years ago, on the banks of Yamuna, krishna danced with all gopis on the night of sharad purnima celebrating unadulterated, exemplary love. each gopi felt that krishna was only with her & her alone, as he multiplied himself.
as a child, though i loved lord krishna a lot, i always wondered why krishna wasn’t a ‘one man woman’ and had 16008 wives. i used to pacify myself by thinking, it’s ok… all of us have some bad qualities, and that was krishna’s! πŸ™‚
it is said that when rama left for vanvaas, simply dressed in minimals and rudraksa maala. even then he looked so terribly delectable that all the rishi munis who he came across in the forest, had this intense desire of marrying him! his beauty was described to be even more than lord manmatha – the ‘lord of love’ himself! though the sages boasted of a very equanimous mind state, rama’s utter good-looks made their thoughts go haywire, just imagine! πŸ˜› but rama’s life was on this principle- ‘eka patni(wife), eka vachani(word), eka baan(arrow)’ i.e. maryada purushottam. basically, as macho as one can be. so he couldn’t fulfill the desires of the many sadhus. he therefore promised them, that in his next life time, he will wed them all πŸ™‚ …hence krishna!
that’s why, out of the 16008 wives, it is said that 16000 were those mesmerized sages, and 8 were the astha lakshmis. ❀ (finally some relief to my childhood
On this breath-taking night of full moon, lord shiva himself was itching to dance with krishna in the maha raas. but radha's best buddy lalitha told him that he would have to dress up like a lady to participate. and so, shiva is said to have dressed up like a woman, hiding his face with a ghoonghat, standing last in line to dance with his beloved krishna… disguised, so that none recognize. but behold, the story just gets waaaay cuter. our krishna, mischievously decides to start his raas leela from the last person!! ❀ ❀ (chori pakdi gayi – in granny’s words)


One Response to “Ashwin purnima”

  1. Saipoornima January 5, 2015 at 10:42 pm #

    Cute post. I liked all your posts about different purnima. Specially this one. I was born on Sharad Poornima. That’s why my name is also Poornima.

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