Asahadha purnima

Now this is the one purnima i celebrate big time. cos this one’s the : DRUM ROLLS: Guru poornima!! *breaks into a mad dance*. and with such a fantastic guru who chose me to be his instrument, celebration is a must…though it has become a daily thing now! ❤
many, many enlightened masters have walked this earth and have immensely helped mankind to crossover misery. there is this saying, 'Guru bina gati nahi'. 'Gati' in sanskrit means movement (not speed as commonly understood in hindi). lack of movement means life becomes stagnant. if you are one who lives by the mantra "just one life man, hv fun, experiment, party!!"…then good for you. but there is another way to look at life too. we have been here a gazillions times, and hence said the same dialogue a gazillion times too. so maybe there is something more than just eating, sleeping, making merry. may be? for me this truth struck like a million arrows thanks to being in the presence of a living enlightened gorgeous guru. my guru.
the purpose of this day is for us to review our spiritual growth of the year and rededicate ourself to grow in knowledge of the self.:)
The guru of gurus’ is Vyasa. he did the most complex job of categorizing all 18 puraanas and 4 vedas and their infinite sub sections. so this day is correctly also called vyasa purnima. ‘Vyaso chishtam jagat sarwam’ means there is nothing under the sun that Vyasa has not touched upon. and so it is also said, that god himself took the form of Vyasa rishi. the seat of knowledge is also famously known as the ‘vyas peeth’. often, speakers do pradakshina of the vyas peeth before sitting on it. and while u are sharing knowledge from that space, playing the role of a guru, u are expected to only use respectable language and lying/abusing/complaining is prohibited, for u are the powerful vessel of transferring & sharing distilled knowledge which is being carried forward from centuries! being an art of living teacher myself, i have often experienced this. though i think i don’t know some answers, but while i am sitting on the vyaas peeth, the knowledge itself takes over, and i am pleasantly surprised with the words i speak!
guru purnima is a celebration of the guru-shishya parampara that is the back-bone of the indian education system. my friends who hv gone to study abroad sometimes share of how in class rooms there, one can walk in, eat, and do one’s own thing when the teacher is addressing. here in india, even if the teacher may be super crappy, we still are inherently respectful to them. we have all had to face the wrath of such teachers who will one day collectively force vyasa to slip out of enlightenment and show them their place i guess. XD but there are others, who become our inspirations and mentors for life! and this day is for those super special chosen ones!


One Response to “Asahadha purnima”

  1. karpagavalli November 5, 2014 at 1:12 pm #

    Loved all 4 posts till now! Keep writing, will keep reading and telling the stories 😉 🙂

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