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Anna koot

18 Aug

Today being the day after the birth of Lord Krishna, gujju guys celebrate it as anna koot; meaning the day of making infinite dishes to rejoice both bodily (physical) and soulful (spiritual) abundance. the 1st abundance is satiated with food ofcourse and music and dance, and the 2nd kind, through knowledge. gujju’s basically just need an excuse to eat yummy food:) works for me cos they have such lip-smacking veg recipes, that spiritual abundance feels massively over-rated 😛

One such ‘bharela ringna bateta nu shaak’ recipe i shall share with u. IT IS LORD KRISHNA ON A PLATE. and if bhagvad gita were a dish, this would be it! i had tasted this shaak thing in bangalore ashram, when these extremely pretty darling gujju sisters shweta & krishna made it for bawa. and there would be enough left only for me to sniff it into my system. so this is their mother’s recipe, who i am told will give masterchef a run for its money! shweta and krishna can be both petite or notorious as the place demands. they can box a man’s face for misbehaving and also sit for hours in meditation with their bright-as-a-sun face. they are into hand-made jewelry and are touted the devis’ of rajkot when it comes to teaching art of living programs.

here’s the recipe. a good idea would be to make buttered phulkas and keep aside, cos u would want to immediately stall everything about ur life to drown in this shaak as soon as it is made.

IMG_20140818_115104 IMG_20140818_114753

THE bharela ringna bateta nu shaak  (ringna = brinjal)


– 5 small sized potatoes. smaller the better
– 8 brinjals. smaller the better again. these have to be those all-violet colored ones
(fun, irrelevant fact: the above 2 are my fav. most veg. if it were up to me i would eat them raw)
– 5 medium sized tomatoes chopped
– white til/sesame seeds (2 table spoons)
– basin (1 heap of a table spoon)
– groud nut powdered (2 table spoons)
– 2-3 garlic pods
– jaggery, haldi, red chilli powder, dhaniya jeera powder (1 teaspoon each) *the powders* for future ref.
– and the general (oil, hing, salt to taste, freshly chopped coriander)


in a mixer, shove til, groud nut powder, garlic pods, basin and the powders and grind it. empty this stuffing masala in a large plate and add a tablespoon of oil for the masala to gather into an easily fillable texture. add salt to taste. i was instructed to add fresh grated coconut in the masala if i so desired. but because i am a tamilian, there is fresh grated coconut in every food item i eat, so much so that i am predisposed to be born as a coconut tree in my next birth. hence every chance to avoid that nut is welcome. u decide depending on ur ancestry and palate!

the potatoes and brinjal, u have to make 2 slits at 90 deg. such that if fully cut, they form 4 equal pieces. but ofcourse u don’t fully cut them. they are cooked as a whole. stuff the masala without kanjusee into the slits. potatoes require some artistry. i cut out tiny wedges to facilitate the process, if u know what i mean.

u need a cooker now. put 3 tablespoons of oil. throw in some hing. i am a hing fanatic. soon i will put hing in kheer also. i am one for those. i am the wron one to advice u on the hing amount. u decide. in go the tomatoes. they shud cook till the oil separates. carefully put the stuffed baingan and potatoes in. toss them without killing them mercilessly. they should basically remain whole until the very moment they enter ur mooh. add a glass of water. and let the cooker whistle 3-5 times.

open up. inhale infinity. garnish with little more salt if necessary and some lovely fresh coriander. done-danaa-done!!

happy gokulashtami 🙂
may the krishna in you…the eternal friend, philosopher and guide, shine through!


my fattee buddies-Part 7

2 Mar

i take a vow on this massive internet space that the weddings mentioned below, will be the last 2 that i will be attending. my other friends needn’t feel offended cos in all probability, you my dear, are already married! people call it the wedding season, in my case, it feels like a damn decade of only clapping and weeping at weddings!! such overdose will ensure extreme boredom at my own, thats for sure!

but this march is special. cos 2 of my besties will enter wedlock with their respective gorgeous lovers.
let’s take them one at a time.

aditi & srini. they also know each other. for which i take full credit.

aditi & srini. they also know each other. for which i take full credit.

Aditi mokashi, loving called adito by me, is my 2nd oldest real friend. we date back to the time of the dinosaurs. actually, earlier. around the time when Hritik jumped into the movie business. i say this, cos adito & i shared stage space in our maiden bollywood  performance on “ek pal ka jeena” from the legendary kaho na pyaar hai. it shames me today, but to our credit, we aped every step real hard.:) there was chamki throwing for effect, as we entered much for misplaced innocence. truth be told, we were vying for attention from atleast one of the 10th std guys who we were farewelling, even if it was their very last day in school.

Must tell u, that adito’s family has a unique trait of being the epicentre of situational comedy. and when she laughs, her whole shareer laughs not sparing her little toe. it’s nearly as if a child is trapped in the body of a grown up. Speaking of grown up’s a little birdie told me and some of u who hv received the wedding invite, that a hawa ka thanda jhoka (a.k.a samir) has managed to sweep our lady off her feet. he has little idea how lucky he is:).

In the recent past, adito has ran many a marathons & has taken to fitness very seriously, barring the occasional indulgence (background score: manushya ke sponge samaan phepde…..itna tar, aapko bimaar…bahut beemaar, karne ke liye.. kafi hai. LOL. fully faltu ad.) Sources say, even when Samir went on his knee, Adito was spotted with her running shoes! Aptly so. Zero pun. Only prem ❤

Dearest adito, with all the meditating power vested in me, i pray that samir and u travel every square inch of this planet together and laugh into the sunset. and if, by the time of ur 75th anniversary, the smart ones discover life on another planet; may u travel there too, hand in hand.

Bestie no.2 also happens to be my bro, Sriniiii!!

He’s only the 2nd person i have tied rakhi to after Indradweep from 5th std who was rakhified cos he had the most epic handwriting & the fountain pen never blotted on his fingers. ouch, drift. ya, so when i met srini, i had this overpowering feeling of wanting to be protected by him. so he was the – right choice baby, for a macho brother from a different mother, yo!:) but how did we meet? brace urself …(karan johar accent)… We 1st met on Orkut!!! Truly embarrassing for Mark Zukerberg. 1-nil, fellow!

I once managed to convince srini that i had a giraffe for a pet. but don’t u do the mistake of judging his IQ based on this, cos u do know that intelligence is measured by the no. of folds in the brain right? (I do take uber facts very seriously on twitter :))
so here’s the formula:
Srini’s brain folds = (Einstein -1) brain folds = Summation of brain folds of all my family members (FYI- my dad has 7 siblings)
Point being, srini knows everything about everything which fundamentally ensures that, around him, u feel like a twerp/retard or both. his drop dead looks, over the top wit, smouldering sense of humour, velvety people skills also further the cause. perhaps thats why his cells multiplied overtime in hope that the world gets 2 srinis’. but it doesn’t work that way you pathetic blobs of protoplasm! the world will have to make do with just one awesome srini:)

His achievements include swimming with sharks and studying in Cambridge University where he actually visited the cafe where Sonia served as waitress (per chai wale ki chai ka majja videshi cafe me kahaan! vote for NaMo!!) Ooops, continental drift.
I am of the belief that a person who hasn’t done AOL, hasn’t meditated; has not really experienced true joy. but i see an exception to this rule in Srini’s wife-to-be, Mitali. She’s such a fountain of joy & its nearly jarringly apparent, how much of a pure soul she is! her eyes often reduce to a line beautifully decorated with kohl, cos she is perennially in a state of wonder, giggling away. I am already amazed at the magical genes their kids will be endowed with.

The warmest hug, a slurpy kiss & all my love to both the couples!

an ode to chetan bhagat

5 Feb

the 1st post of this year, i dedicate to chetan bhagat, the invisible love of my life. it is a one sided affair, i know… but then true love doesn’t care.

a month ago, i read his most recent “revolution 2020”. the trees from which the papers for the book were churned out, ought to feel marvelous. cos the book made me think. and think big. think positive. think enough to take action. and if a fast read like that costing Rs140 can achieve that, albeit with a few f***’s thrown in for effect, then the writer must *take a bow*. That, dear Mr.Chetan Bhagat, is real good use of human life i say! Pat on back. High five, co-deshvaasi.

Chetan Bhagat’s other rubbish books notwithstanding, (except 5 point someone ofcourse for which he got more than his portion of gratification), i think the man is using his finite time on this planet darn well. As corny as it may sound, after reading 5 point someone and leaving no page unturned;literally;) i mailed him of being a canditate to consider if he believed in polygamy. sorry, wife and twin kids. young girls say weird things even without the influence of alcohol.

so people, i earnestly request you to not write off people under the public eye and more so people precious to you if they screw up a bunch of times. they dont enjoy doing it. so let them be and give them a chance. you dint create them. so stop posing like god. whats karma for! and icing on cake of gyaan; dont write urself off. ur super. see u follow this blog right? so even if the world hates u, you have an admirer 🙂

few long happy breaths.

my fattee buddies-Part 6

17 Jun

this is a heartfelt ode to avinash tiku; an extremely dear buddy, a citizen who makes india proud, and to top it all, a humble shishya to a phenomena- his holiness sri sri ravi shankar; our guru! *same pinch*

it is such an honour to share the same breathing space as him. i have mostly been inspired by the body of work done by people nearly double my age, eg. bawa, dinesh dada, kashi bhaiyya, vikram hazra, rishi nityapragya, vishwas bhaiyya among other art of living greats. (my fingers will be secretly chopped for the ‘age’ part of the comment;)).

i have been easily convincing myself of my ok-like performance in the path by comparing myself with such people. this is because i have been safely blaming it on the fact that unlike me, they have been nearly brought up by guruji who is like a godfather showering immense physical time and affection on them from time immemorial.

each having done some 50+ advance courses (lot of it conducted by guruji himself), they are among those who have gotten to spend countless satsangs in sumeru with just 20 other people ( i am told guruji danced everyday!) , in times where guruji cooked and served them food frequently, where the videos we watch on ashtavakra geeta were shot with them listening to it like a story telling session, when he told them that there will be a huge cake shaped structure (today our vishalakshi mandap) and it will be full of people on day 1 and the listeners thought he was imagining wild, where they massaged guruji while they put him to sleep… basically providing enough and more reasons for me and you to burn in a green ocean of jealousy.

but how do u explain this guy, mister avinash tiku, who is very much my age, and has gotten the same exact training, love, guidance from the above mentioned greats as much as i have, and gets to experience guruji in satsangs of thousands just like me, waits for hours and hours just like i do, to catch a glimpse of guruji who waves, blinks and smilingly cruises past in approx. 3 seconds;

yet this genius of a boy, brings about crazy obscene levels of transformation in the lives of many! many indians (mostly north indians;) and specifically kattar punjabis;) and now he has gone international and been a role model for youth in bulgaria, europe. 9 YES!+ courses, the last one of 60 people organized in 4 days, a dance and yoga festival of 900 youth, daily group sadhana and guru pooja with 20, 50 to come for navaratri in india and 100 to berlin’s world culture festival, and to top it there were 30 of them wailing like babies when he left the airport there to come back to india- all this in a matter of 3 months. i know numbers don’t matter to the guru and so shouldn’t matter to me; however these numbers only elevate!

when i talk to him, it is beyond competition, it is reverence!
he fills my heart with a purpose.
he fills the rest of me with a zeal to serve as much as i can, as soon as possible.
all this just goes on to prove that finding hooks is the sign of a crook;)
so today, i formally, publicly kill the crook in me and safely assume that i am as equipped and blessed as the older lot.
i feel so proud that i get to continue watering the seeds they have sown so gracefully to spread India’s rich spiritual knowledge with first, indians-in-the-blind and then of course to our world citizens!
i have said this before and will say it again; if each of the shishyas are so inspirational, god knows what the guru is made up of!

avinash paaji, tumne tho hamaara dil bhar diya aur aankhen khol di!
tum purush hi nahi.. maha purush ho, maha purush! ;);)
you are a gift to this planet buddy.

april’s bright future contd..

9 Apr

my eyes caught his thin outline covered in dull lose clothes (turn on). his chocolatey face was innocent and intense (turn on). his big black old-mc.donald-had a farm frames where edible (turn on). his clear english with a refreshing accent (turn on). the fact that he studied something in hrishikesh (turn on). repeating the same line i asked him to act out over 30 times with exponential excitement (turn on). the boneless doped movement of his frail composition (turn on). bitten by a russel viper and lived on(turn on). when he sings, u know u are taken care of (oh what a turn on!). has been to jail (TURN ON).

these are few of the shareworthy facts of this eccentric person i am certain i know from lifetimes. other facts are lil’ below the belt. so i shall pass;)

Presenting the writer of the week- misterrrr eben felix.tadaaaa!

Click on the EBY tab in the menu section to read his potions of ambrosia.

april’s future.

1 Apr

this month, one a weekly basis, i am going to introduce u to a bunch of my bosom buddies through their wicked wicked writing.
you can’t fathom how lucky u are if u follow my blog;) cos u’r going to be enjoying an array of styles of a bunch of mad mad people.

today being April 1st, i wish to introduce u to the most foolhardy writer i have the luck to know and adore, a varun ram iyer.
the last 4 letter word of his name forms an invisible sheath in many a poems of his, besides old monk. 😉
this week, with the deepest of honor and highest of spirits; i present to u “THE IDIOSYNCRATIC IYER”.

(go to VARUN on the MENU bar)

The M(D)anavathey Project.

17 Mar

There are projects, and then there are projects. This one doesn’t qualify under either.

Sohumming 35,000 kannada speaking brats, free of cost, under adverse conditions, in 15 days is not a project. It is a tsunami.
But I got through my part of the big jigsaw more or less smoothly. Thanks to all the love that I was filled up to the brim with in manipal. I am convinced I have some karma with that place. I feel so much at home there, more like a spiked pseudo ashram feel. Spike being the PDA, the smoke rings and the drunken stupor.;)

A bundle of us camped with our yoga mats in our minimalistic (mirror free) YES!+ manipal abode. The main course was Danavathey but the mocktails, starters and dessert stole the show.
We watched patanjali yog sutra in the morning, which for me was like a daily dose of red bull. Few of us did a fullon kadak upvaas, minus H2O even, on Shivratri. The group tapa made it fun and thick.
Bawa’s board games were hackneyed followed by tremendous varieties of massages that embodied pleasure and beyond.
World cup in random small hang outs with flat screen tv was super fun too.
Long kriya was performed on the terrace after which a cute candle lit barbecue happened thanks to Sam and Arun. These 2 are like amaron batteries, last long very long;);)Phew, insane energy they are endowed with.
One day, a dip in temple pond was also taken. This pond is situated in an eeriely romantic green place filled with pedicuring fish. We lost ourselves there until an uninvited guest- the water snake chose to share the water body with us.
Desperately tasty south indian home cooked food was consumed (standing ovation to preeti and deepti) and was ravenously consumed by us pondies. Midnight pasta that was manifested was mostly freakking tasty too;)

The daytimes weren’t oh-so-rosy however. I had to unleash my vocal chords in a language alien to the asuras i was teaching in the 4 government colleges i was assigned. With utter lack of electricity, a strong presence of the lord of heat was experienced. Each sweat pore of my surface area cried tears of agony. This is beside my insides which were anyway wailing at my helpless condition.

So the days and nights were long, woefully and gleefully respectively.
Names must be taken, people must be thanked for the gleeful part of the equation.

1] Nikhil; for being the original roomie without even a mirror in the house. he’s enlightened.!

2] Rohit; for being the smartest descendent of meerut.

3] Kulprit; for being there, “waqt se pehle, jarurath se jyada”, like all good things.

4] Aseem; for the nights filled with mindless laughter.

5] Abhinav; for making me feel precious about myself.

6] Arun; for being my guardian angel.

7] Arun’s car for being my non-living guardian angel.

8] The patanjali gang for appearing at 6am (approximately;)) for all of 11 days.

9] Guruji, for getting the above 8 in my life.

I can welcome death this very moment. I feel so full in every way.
Regret free, untouched, happy bird type…
Jai guru dev

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