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Anna koot

18 Aug

Today being the day after the birth of Lord Krishna, gujju guys celebrate it as anna koot; meaning the day of making infinite dishes to rejoice both bodily (physical) and soulful (spiritual) abundance. the 1st abundance is satiated with food ofcourse and music and dance, and the 2nd kind, through knowledge. gujju’s basically just need an excuse to eat yummy food:) works for me cos they have such lip-smacking veg recipes, that spiritual abundance feels massively over-rated 😛

One such ‘bharela ringna bateta nu shaak’ recipe i shall share with u. IT IS LORD KRISHNA ON A PLATE. and if bhagvad gita were a dish, this would be it! i had tasted this shaak thing in bangalore ashram, when these extremely pretty darling gujju sisters shweta & krishna made it for bawa. and there would be enough left only for me to sniff it into my system. so this is their mother’s recipe, who i am told will give masterchef a run for its money! shweta and krishna can be both petite or notorious as the place demands. they can box a man’s face for misbehaving and also sit for hours in meditation with their bright-as-a-sun face. they are into hand-made jewelry and are touted the devis’ of rajkot when it comes to teaching art of living programs.

here’s the recipe. a good idea would be to make buttered phulkas and keep aside, cos u would want to immediately stall everything about ur life to drown in this shaak as soon as it is made.

IMG_20140818_115104 IMG_20140818_114753

THE bharela ringna bateta nu shaak  (ringna = brinjal)


– 5 small sized potatoes. smaller the better
– 8 brinjals. smaller the better again. these have to be those all-violet colored ones
(fun, irrelevant fact: the above 2 are my fav. most veg. if it were up to me i would eat them raw)
– 5 medium sized tomatoes chopped
– white til/sesame seeds (2 table spoons)
– basin (1 heap of a table spoon)
– groud nut powdered (2 table spoons)
– 2-3 garlic pods
– jaggery, haldi, red chilli powder, dhaniya jeera powder (1 teaspoon each) *the powders* for future ref.
– and the general (oil, hing, salt to taste, freshly chopped coriander)


in a mixer, shove til, groud nut powder, garlic pods, basin and the powders and grind it. empty this stuffing masala in a large plate and add a tablespoon of oil for the masala to gather into an easily fillable texture. add salt to taste. i was instructed to add fresh grated coconut in the masala if i so desired. but because i am a tamilian, there is fresh grated coconut in every food item i eat, so much so that i am predisposed to be born as a coconut tree in my next birth. hence every chance to avoid that nut is welcome. u decide depending on ur ancestry and palate!

the potatoes and brinjal, u have to make 2 slits at 90 deg. such that if fully cut, they form 4 equal pieces. but ofcourse u don’t fully cut them. they are cooked as a whole. stuff the masala without kanjusee into the slits. potatoes require some artistry. i cut out tiny wedges to facilitate the process, if u know what i mean.

u need a cooker now. put 3 tablespoons of oil. throw in some hing. i am a hing fanatic. soon i will put hing in kheer also. i am one for those. i am the wron one to advice u on the hing amount. u decide. in go the tomatoes. they shud cook till the oil separates. carefully put the stuffed baingan and potatoes in. toss them without killing them mercilessly. they should basically remain whole until the very moment they enter ur mooh. add a glass of water. and let the cooker whistle 3-5 times.

open up. inhale infinity. garnish with little more salt if necessary and some lovely fresh coriander. done-danaa-done!!

happy gokulashtami 🙂
may the krishna in you…the eternal friend, philosopher and guide, shine through!


my grandma’s potion of bliss

14 May

what i am about to type now, can change ur life. well, or atleast ur taste buds.
i.e. my grandmother’s vethakozumbu (u r pardoned if u can’t pronounce that yet).
it is her bhramaastra. if aliens suddenly appear and decide to end this planet, my grandma’s vethakozumbu, when offered to them, will save our world.
but this delicacy requires to be made with a pure heart full of love and patience, along with a witch’s white hair, pinch of spinal cord powder of a saint and 3 drops of the chef’s blood. (got carried away in sad humor. just love and patience will do just fine:))
i have made my grandma’s vethakozumbu only 2 times in 27yrs of existence, and i would give myself an 8/10. i am quite a critic, so 8 is like winning master chef blindfolded.
vethakozumbu, by the way is a thick viscous liquid version of god, which can be mixed with hot rice and enjoyed or better still, as a side dish with curd rice. curd rice= tamil nadu. indians are so versatile with food that one dish can taste different in every bylane of the country. but as i hv established already, my grandma’s version is our saviour.

Ingredients to procure (for it to serve 4):
-tamarind (the size of a limboo)
-chana daal (1 tablespoon)
-hing (half teaspoon)
-methi seeds (half teaspoon)
-mustard seeds (1/3 teaspoon)
-curry leaves (5. its numerically good for me. u can put 6, 7 or max.8)
-sambar powder (2 pregnant tablespoons)
-jaggery (the size of half a limboo)
-wheat (1 tablespoon)
-red chillis (3)
-oil (5 tablespoons)
-salt (1/2 teaspoon)
-baby onions (chinna vengaayam) or for step motherly treatment u could instead use lady’s finger cut in 1 inch size. (15 pieces of either)
-sundakkai vathal (will be lost in translation- optional but traditional) (1 teaspoon)

the tamarind has to be soaked for a few minutes in hot water till its soft, after which u can squish the soul out of it.
let the oil heat up. shove in the mustard seeds so as to punish them till they pop madly.
chana deal, hing, methi seeds, curry leaves, red chillies (broken in 2), sambar powder, salt, jaggery, go into it in quick succession.
sundakkai vathal, if present can be fried in too.
add the baby onions/ bhindi.
sieve the tamarind juice and that goes in too. add 2 glasses of water.
throughout, keep the gas in sim. let it boil for some half hour. the liquid god should become half of its volume.
wheat should be dissolved in a tablespoon of water and made into cerelac consistency. this goes in after half hour of boiling.
its advisable to taste once in a while and balance out he flavors by adding salt/jaggery/tamarind/water.
let the magic potion boil out further for another half hour in sim.
bhramaastra is ready for use.

stuffed zucchini capers and burnt coconut macarons!

6 Dec

these 2 lipsmacking dishes i shall now teach u to make. if u are scared reading the names of the dishes. wrong emotion! as sophisticated as it may sound, even a mutant human can make no mistake creating them!:)

also i attempted pineapple up-side down cake a month ago that took so much more effort and turned out to be un palatable beyond belief. cardinal sin to put even a tinie winie bit in the mooh. even a dying child in west africa would choose death over the cake. bad eg. sorry. peace. but i am putting the pic for posterity. recognise the effort albeit from a distance:)

apne pe ehsaan karen. shakal pe mat jaaye!


A GOOD LOOKING MOUTHFUL STARTER (CAN SERVE TWO HUNGRY LOVERS to shut their mouth up thus putting a stop to jealousificating the rest of the population in the restaurant)

Ingredients: One medium sized zucchini (if u have lost me already, then pls move onto another post:)), a spoonful of dry herbs namely thyme/rosemary/oregano, abundant olive oil, philadelphia cheese (yummmm), pepper, salt, and yeah toothpick.

Procedure: Using skill of a carpenter or a stylish slicer, slice thin leaves along the length of the zucchini. u shud get around 6-8 a microwaveable tray, arrange these and throw in copious potion of olive oil. sprinkle the aforementioned herbs and salt for flavour. let it bake/grill for some 10min. in the mean while, mix a small katori full of philadelphia cheese with pepper and salt ( i also threw in 2 pieces of finely chopped sun dried tomatoes for the extra zing:)). so now u hv a thick paste filling ready. once the zucchini is ready, roll it using tender fingers and in the central hollow, stuff a lil of the cheese paste. poke the toothpick to hold the shape together. and the mouth watering ultra polished starter is all ready for consumption!


WORLD’S MOST EASIEST, FASTEST, TASTIEST DESSERT: mix milk maid in dry coconut powder such that it just about hold the mixture together. dont overdo it pls. and make small random shapes and bake it for 10min! Thats it!! Means it beats jelly or custard also!



4 Jul

this one’s gotto be the drink of the month!!
says who?
roohavzaa+ sabza(black things that look like small embryos when soaked in water-these are wonderfully healthy coolants)+ a dash of lime+ mint to garnish
that’s ur drink in one line ~

happy oily stuffed bhindi

13 Apr

VVIMP: how to shop for bhindis- for this particular recipe its imp to buy tiny thin not-very-hard bhindis. so pls be patient and scan some sabji mandi’s before u make ur pick.

Ingredients: roasted ground nut powdered coarsely, sambar powder if ur a dravidian and garam masala if ur an aryan (and they say i am racist!), hing/asephoetida, dhaniya jeera powder, chilli powder, oil in surplus, those tiny thin not-so-hard bhindis ofcourse.

Wat next?: cut head n tail of the bhindis. slit them 1mm short of being halved. (man, does this sentence sound cruel o watt!hehaha)
mix the following powders in the mentioned proportion; 3 sambar powder+ 3 groundnut powder+ 1/2 hing+ 1/2 salt+ 1/2 chilli powder+ 1 dhaniya jeera powder
stuff the stuff;) in the bhindis. heat oil in a pan, and fry the bhindis 10 at a time for 2 min. the bhindis taste best with hot buttered phulkas. nevertheless, they provide for palatial esctasy even when had just like that!!

i’ll tell u what; the ones i made were so damn tasty tat we were busy devouring it and none of us cared to click pictures! so i invite u to make it and send me urs pics instead!;)

chikoo chocolate shake~

29 Jan

sounds itself so erotic no!! it even tastes as erotic… believe u me!


3 chikoos

a glass of milk

2 teaspoons cocoa powder

1 teaspoon sugar


this is rocket science.

so read carefully.

put all the above ingredients in a jar n blend.

then stop.

then drink bhai!

over n out.

u wil want to hunt me and give me a big hug after consumption of this shake. thats a promise!

the god of all limbu paanis

25 Jan

i proudly present to u ‘the healthiest refreshing drink’ in this galaxy.
1. limbu/lemon
2. jaggery
3. black salt,pepper, jeera powder
4. mint leaves(type 1) or an apple (type 2)
5. blender (vvimp;))
so u break the jaggery into small stones and shove few in a tall jug. generously add the masala powders. squeeze the lemon(that goes without saying!!), add water and blend away till it all froths up.
for type 1, u also throw in a bunch of fresh mint leaves and for type 2, u grate apple and garnish the juice with it!
i prefer to squeeze one lemon per glass. so this serves 1.


Dr. Vijaya Venkat, a classic woman, read up about her on

And my crazy dynamic MOMMY!!(she’s sitting right behind me telling me to acknowledge her,hehehe;)

                                                                              By the way BnD trip on it these days! 😉

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