i m never bored.ever. over enthu to the extent that i run more than i walk, laugh more than i smile, and play more than i work.

I love observing the trail of ants and the tingaling when a black one runs up my skin. But man, do ants bite! how the hell do they hv such powerful teeth in their half inch body.Bees shudnt buzz,flowers(& humans)shudnt smell.

I detest nature postcards.Its an insult to capture it still.I love to pray.

I find it intriguing that after fighting their way to get a glimpse of the deity,people close their eyes while in front of it.I am deeply in love with sri sri ravi shankar.

I like the feel of eyelashes.I like to collect sand.I am sand blind. I am spelling dyslexic.I draw beautiful coconut trees.(drew them on my IIT screening exam paper..i still failed).

I love magic. I love the circus,but clowns scare me.I like curd wit sugar.

My passions include weird clothes, good ads,random photography,mad dancing, chicflicks, mythology and the vedas, architecture, horrible 2 paise humor, automatic writing..