and my travel karma continues…

2 Mar

This is a hate mail for the unnecessary inconvenience that your unscrupulous team of AIR INDIA caused at the International CSIA airport on 1st March.

Against all intelligent advice, I went ahead and made the mistake of booking myself on an AIR INDIA EXPRESS flight to Mangalore from Mumbai (IX208) which is at 14.45pm.
I reached at 13.46pm on the counter and was informed that I cant check in. 1stly every national flight check in time is 45min prior to departure and no where did I get any intimation to be 3hrs before the required time, which is stupid by itself! I am a frequent flyer with another airline and fly nationally atleast 3 times a month.
There were 20 other passengers who were held back not to mention 50 other passengers who were held back for the earlier 14.30pm flight to hyderabad. 
after a lot of requesting, pleading, yelling (in that order); the 50 Hyderabad passegers were allowed to check in at 14.30pm! God knows why. The idea was to get rid of them I guess. But the Mangalore bunch was left behind and the uncouth, disgusting team of AIR INDIA, specifically : D.SATISH KUMAR, B.SAHA, S.FERNANDES, P. CARDOZ told us that they dint know we existed! We weren’t given our boarding pass because out of the 10 counters, NONE had any living beings on them cos all had absconded due to the chaos w.r.t the Hyderabad passengers. We bore the brunt of your pathetic team’s non-show and were detained in the International airport till 5pm with no hope whatsoever.
I found out that Air India and Jet Air has a tie-up and suggested a solution to the deaf and dumb team of people mentioned above, who then made a few calls to “higher ups” who I am safely assuming lead the way to insensitive behaviour of the rest of the gang at AIR INDIA. We were told that AIR INDIA EXPRESS is a step child of AIR INDIA and they cannot afford to shift us to  the JET AIR flight which I enquired was empty and was to leave at 6pm. After I personally got in touch with Reji Fernandes at AIR INDIA EXPRESS, I was informed that we can APPLY to get our money back or fly the next day. But I had a very important meeting with the Dean of a prestigious college, another family had to go for their father’s last rites…and so on.
We were all ambushed and cheated by our country’s national air line which is governed by you. When I told D. SATISH, that the family needs to go do the final rites of their relative, pat came the reply that in the past 3 months we have not let so many people go for final rites and even their own wedding. Many people have died it seems. ?!?
If you have even an iota of humanity in you, your team should send an apology to all the 20 passengers you inconvenienced and punish the team of 4 who tortured us, and not to mention, re-look into your ways of functioning. I even recommended that every passenger should get an sms a day before their flight intimating them that it’s from the International terminal and we have to be there 1.30 hrs before time. This can be an auto generated sms to every one with a AIR INDIA PNR. But Mr. Stupid B.Saha tells me “Do you know how many passengers fly AIR INDIA? We are under staffed and over worked”.. while he happily ate pan masala that someone offered. 
Soon, you will have no passengers, and Rs. 5000 crores from the Union Budget this year can be utilized to buy lifetimes worth of Pan Masala for every member in team AIR INDIA and of course their Step child EXPRESS.
I have taken pictures of what we were made to go through. I will make sure I do my best to make my voice heard in social media and the press. What I am afraid of is, that this mail will not prick your conscience at all cos I am sure your inbox is full of such mails.
As for now, I urgently need my money back. So please make sure you don’t take a lifetime to return my money and save your face.

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