some more wierd things i noticed.

10 Jul

-warm tasty pulao+ onion pickle by compassionate sardarji who when complimented said, “sangath-ae-naal, sabh kuchh tasty ho jaandha aih; langar jaise”

-oh la la: the yoga loving foreigner who has been here since 2 yrs and known to all rikshaw walas who give her a free ride once in a while cos she only walks
-it is sooo hot, yet ganga is sooo cold. ganga is so peaceful yet so ferocious. personification of a perfect gorgeous and powerful woman.
-at the parmarth ashram reception for stay, i said i am from the art of living ashram etc. etc. so among the 1st few questions asked mockingly by a pseudo meditator sevak was, “kundalini jagrut hui hai kya ab tak?”…. and because i am me, “hum tho kabke uske parey jaa chuke hai”
his response to that : silence.
-very very very eerie post 10pm
-2 pigs and 2 rainbows simulatenously
-spoke to random people here, sadly haven’t come across even one obvious spiritual seeker in the past 90 hours. i am forced to believe that this place is thickly populated with DBs & GBs (dhongi baba’s and gaanja babes)
-pancake served with curd in madras cafe

-fun valley, an amusement park in haridwar road, in ‘technical’ collaboration with essel world with the coolest ride named ‘fresse bee’ (i will be happily surprised if essel world even know’s of its existence:))
-the tune of “didi tera devar diwana, hai ram kudiyon ko daale daana” replaced with soulful lyrics “hariiii-dwaar ke gangaa me nahaanaa; tann aur mann, ko paavann kar jaana” WITH a video to this effect.
-women with deep purple lipstick, batua near heart region (READ: left part of blouse) and tambaaku packet and chuna in right part of blouse.YUK.


2 Responses to “some more wierd things i noticed.”

  1. Jaideep July 11, 2011 at 3:02 pm #

    Creatively fantastic 🙂

  2. sharika July 13, 2011 at 12:43 am #

    continue please..i love this series:)

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