weird things i noticed.

8 Jul

-John abraham glaring straight into my eyes (as a matter of fact, everybody else’s) through every hand baggage tag’s ‘sky bag’ ad.

-Accented english announcements! ooooh.
-Ugly geometric designs on potty colored airport carpet.
-Immaculately arranged trolleys every one feet apart along the baggage belts
-Blown up disgusting picture of pseudo desi urban naari outside ladies toilet. well, to indicate in a ghastly manner that only ( and only) women enter this detox zone.

-Delhi Meru cab GPRS starts and ends with a SQEAKY 30 second ad about some crunchy random brand of chocolates.
-Delhi cycle rickshaw’s have real corny names (just like trucks in kerala, horses in matheran and people in america).
-Stayed in an ancient sindhi house with beedi smoking kohl eyed grandma, wakao!

-New delhi railway station had motor bikes clothed with gunny bags.
-Morning tea menu printed (waste of paper some may say!) which lists the contents of tray namely; creamer, sugar, tea bag, napkin etc. with the amount mentioned in GRAMS! Really, the word ‘TEA’ and thereby its ingredients and weight, one thinks, is intrinsic. the visually explicit support proved to make for good sunrise humor (which is a big deal considering the grumpy non-morning person that i am)
-Jet wings is passe, ‘rail bandhu’ is the new shizz; Himalaya water bye bye, ‘rail neer’ welcome!

AMRITSAR-GOLDEN TEMPLE COMMON HALL (note for future ref: very scary)
-2.45AM (phone there)…..3AM(phone where???!!!???) I had kept guruji’s book next to phone thinking guruji will use super powers to blind any chor who dared to touch my bright yellow corby. but guruji thought the chor deserved it more than me, and i deserved better. blackberry perhaps;) Fair enough.

-water selling boy: “desh bhakti ke geeth honge, naach gaana hoga”
me: “desh bhakti geet? kyoon bhai?”
water boy: “saamne pakisthan hai, yeh sab to karna padega”
me: *hmph*
-1hr desh bhakti show had wide spectrum of music ranging from infra red jai ho to ultra sonic chak de (& koi kahe, kehta rahe- had the dil chahta hai team known of the future proceedings, they would have atleast worn orange white green clothes). thankfully, REMIXED ‘yeh desh hai veer javano ka’ was also in the play list. semi urban, rural, and foreigners danced away. 10,000 indians and 5000 pakisthanis watched in disbelief.
– 18 something, orange bling turbaned sardar was mentally auditioning for JUST DANCE at sarhad. I mentally gave him a slap and a HR band ofcourse.
-Ostensibly, the most tense border in the world, the indo-pak retreat march pre-ceremony left me with a feeling of i-dont-know-what. embarrassment? pride? both? i am still to learn.

-Bittu di hatti (replace bittu with ur pet name for personal effect. hatti means dukaan)
-Bhrawan da dhaba
-Pio (flavoured milk)


2 Responses to “weird things i noticed.”

  1. Rohit Shah July 9, 2011 at 12:21 am #

    I hope you enjoying all this…….di

  2. VM July 13, 2011 at 8:39 pm #

    what were you upto ? mumbai – delhi – amritsar – wagah ? Interesting post, nicely written, as always šŸ™‚

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