april’s bright future contd..

9 Apr

my eyes caught his thin outline covered in dull lose clothes (turn on). his chocolatey face was innocent and intense (turn on). his big black old-mc.donald-had a farm frames where edible (turn on). his clear english with a refreshing accent (turn on). the fact that he studied something in hrishikesh (turn on). repeating the same line i asked him to act out over 30 times with exponential excitement (turn on). the boneless doped movement of his frail composition (turn on). bitten by a russel viper and lived on(turn on). when he sings, u know u are taken care of (oh what a turn on!). has been to jail (TURN ON).

these are few of the shareworthy facts of this eccentric person i am certain i know from lifetimes. other facts are lil’ below the belt. so i shall pass;)

Presenting the writer of the week- misterrrr eben felix.tadaaaa!

Click on the EBY tab in the menu section to read his potions of ambrosia.


One Response to “april’s bright future contd..”

  1. jaideep April 12, 2011 at 4:31 pm #

    so many Turn ON’s EBY must be zabardast.
    Lets turn on and on and on……..(More like the Tom & jerry Cartoon) where tommy turn like a screw.

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