10 Jan

Did guruji eat the dahi wadas’?
Well, that I will save for little later. 3 more lots of dahi wadas was made for local consumption from noon to dusk cos apparently they tasted like ambrosia in semi solid state. I served it to the who’s who of the ashram namely, Swami Vishnupaadji (he granted me a wish for my birthday;)), young and very dashing Swami Gyantej who shared his interesting life story in return, Vinod Menon (*take a bow*) who gave me 7.5/10 for my creation ( now that score from him is like getting into IIT without evening writing IITJEE;)) and needless to say, BnD who mean the world to me & most of the rest of the world.;) The wada’s had been lucky to enter the oesophaguses of such higher (im)mortals.

Satsang time of day was nearing. Srivi (one of my crazy beautiful room mates’) and I had decided to sing a devi bhajan ‘Vishalakshi devi, ananda roopini’, cos 7th jan also happens to be guruji’s mum -vishalakshi amma’s birthday. Yes, I am one lucky thing. No, I am not all that whiney.;)

Coming back, Srivi and my decision to sing did not mean anything to the VVIP singers who have been singing to guruji in satsangs for gazillion years and continue to itch for the mike as if they suffer from acute chicken pox. So when guruji walked into the Vishalakshi Mandap and sat, one among the VVIP chicken poxed women, converted her bhajan into a medley long enough to feel married to the mike. But the two of us managed to procure the mike the very moment she fell silent. What guruji did after that nearly killed us both from within.

What did guruji do?
Your turn to ‘itch’ with impatience;) until tomorrow;) You could read the other posts in the meanwhile;)



  1. AparnA January 10, 2011 at 6:28 pm #

    i just wish i could hack in to your brain and get this story to end!!!!!

    Just a wish.. no more ‘itching’ tomo..!End it end it please 😉

  2. Divya January 10, 2011 at 11:26 pm #

    Priyaaaa….. I stumbled upon your blog, and I love your posts to the core…. but this is too much suspense yaa :((
    jaldiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……tel me jaldiii what happened next…… no more ‘to be continued’ plz…. :((

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