2 Dec

9th – bhibatsya ( disgust)
color depiction- blue
famous people- Prince Siddhartha, ex-buddha, strike 3;), on seeing extreme poverty, gopis jealous of Krishna’s flirty ways

Bhibatsya – represents disgust. The trotter trots some more. Once back in the country, i booked my train ticket to Ahemdabad which was to leave from Kurla terminus at 1.55 pm. and my OCD dad was joking about how i always missed flights and trains (though i promise, until that day i had not missed even one. just made it to most actually. total srk style;)). dad was pestering me to hurry up from 12 for a station which i could touch with my little finger from my terrace. i left home shamelessly at 1.20 pm only to realize that the train leaves from Bandra not Kurla terminus at 1.30 not 1.55 pm!! I was disgusted with my heightened carelessness, my lack of awareness, my lack of recognizing basic letters and numbers and all my other lacks. of course, parents never miss a chance to say their-i told u so’s, isn’t! i gave life to dad’s joke. i missed the train by 3 minutes. dad’s smirk multiplied and my nausea quadrupled. did i mention, i had pulled some major strings to get my waiting list ticket confirmed?


2 Responses to “navarasaS”

  1. eben December 9, 2010 at 4:58 pm #

    loka samastha…………….

  2. Aparna December 14, 2010 at 4:29 am #

    Very Thoughtful threads. 🙂 Loved it.. 🙂

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