30 Nov

7th – rowdra (anger)
color depiction- red
famous people- Lord Shiva during tandav

Rowdra – represents anger. Pot holes hence keechad, brinjal, cigerette smoke, wine, the ugly stitches in my hand, slow people, bitchy people, fake people, dumb people and that loser Chinese dude from that damned Nikon shop in that hongkong street really pissed me off.
He told me the cost of the lens cover for my Nikon D60’s lens, and after i paid him, he gets me a fake lens cover and tells me i dint mention that i wanted a real one!! HUH! So i tell him, i dont like the fake one. he says “what ees to like. i dont have so much time for you. take ow leave. noa manee back.” Twerp. Go back to school la and learn some manners la. If my skin were white la, you would have given me an original Nikon DSLR for free eh la? shmuck. dork. loser.

(coming up next – shringara (love)
color depiction- green
famous people- Radha Krishna)


One Response to “navaraSas”

  1. eben November 30, 2010 at 5:06 pm #


    chill maadi..!!

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