29 Nov

6th – bhaya (fear)
color depiction- black
famous people- all asuras

Bhaya – represents fear. my vacations generally exceed my working days. the tradition continued when i was in hongkong after baroda. the people there go punting big time on the weekly horse races that happen in the heart of the city. they bet millions of dollars i am told. i had never ever seen such uncertainity in such a large scale etched over the faces of thousands of people! terribly amusing. forced fear. once the race began, it seemed as if they had gathered to invoke the lord of terror. just to join the invoking, i bet on 2 races too. this was the 1st ever time i had bet with real money on anything! i was super thrilled when i got my self the ticket with my lucky horsie number. u wont believe this, but i won both times;);)
P.S. there is a cooler part to this story! my mum and i wore sarrees to the race as we hadn’t carried our formals. their fears were justified no?their focus was divided 😉

(coming up next – rowdra (anger)
color depiction- red
famous people- Lord Shiva during tandav)


One Response to “navarAsas”

  1. eben November 30, 2010 at 5:01 pm #

    wild u are…

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