24 Nov

Coming up are a bunch of real life stories, 9 to be precise, which occured in the past month and i just thought of jigsawing them to the respective ‘rasas’ they fit in. what is ‘rasa’ now? thoda education along with heavy duty entertainment wont kill u, what say?

The depictions in any Indian classical dance form are an expression or elaboration of 9 basic human rasas or emotions that characterize life. The NatyaShastra (the holy bible of dance) describes nine rasas or NavaRasas that are the basis of all human emotion. I wish to bring to you a flavour of each of these nine rasas through this lengthy post in 9 parts over 9 days. lap it up!

1st- veera (heroism)
color depiction- orange
famous people- lord ram, abhimanyu

Veera – represents heroism. And so does Chaital bhai of baroda. He is, without an iota of doubt, the most brave and righteous human being after Captain planet.
Because of him, the 13 days of working-under-extreme-pressure in baroda turned out to be among the most fulfilling days of my life. so much so that, i bawled like a baby in public for a good half hour while i left baroda. i thanked my planetary positions over and over for designing the opportunity to meet such a dynamic, happy, knower-of-every-breathing-creature-of-baroda hero. Chaital bhai ROAKS;)

(coming up next – hasya (laughter)
color depiction- white
famous people- lord krishna for all his childhood pranks)


One Response to “Navarasas”

  1. chaital December 1, 2010 at 10:13 am #

    kya baby, now ill have to start a blog and write about you too… all i can think of now without much write up is as under :-

    this is when Bawa is sleeping :-
    the Sun is never bright enough :-
    God gifted ear for all the piercings :-
    love 🙂

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