my fattee buddies-Part 4

6 Jul

this one’s for a real real spcl pal i hv the pleasure of knowing for eons. to be precise; 9 and a half yrs. siddharth raman!! yippeeeee. *applause* he’s a cutie pie who i feel so comfortable being around even though we meet as often as the indian cricket team loses a match these days 😉

this metaphor is used on extreme purpose cos this dude of mine and his entire family suffers from obsessive complusive disorder wrt CRICKET. his bro is (krishnamachari) Srikant (cutie pie again). i meant it when i said obsessive complusive.

in his MICA (which is my alma mater, smiles & tears) interview, sid was questioned abt cricket. duh! they were shown their place i am sure. this post -u’r amazing siddharth, was long over due, but today i read sid’s MICA life blog and i broke into a small dance. i felt i was back there, back in that gorgeous blissful MICA campus. my agyatvaas was in MICA for 6 months of last yr. its a superb idea to go read his stuff, more so if ur a MICAN.

i vaguely remember the 1st time i met sid. he ran across the road, munching on a samosa, and told me a colloquial hi, we are from the same college u know. and then we never spoke for 3 yrs. dont connect the 2 sentences shameless ones ;). but today i cud totally pour my heart out to this fellow knowing that he wud intently hear every word of it. and perhaps even given super sensible advice if asked. a perfect 4am pal who i hvnt ever dared to call at 4am.

sid keeps assuming i hv a bank a/c fat enuf to buy an ipl team (ufff, i dont!); but this bugger visits usa like i visit the banglore ashram; besides his idea of general travel includes flying to south africa to watch a cricket match. girls, are u listening- teetotaller, rich, tam bram boy for sale. only that he’s taken….by a sachin tendulkar.

i am known to not wish people on their birthdays’ becos i am utterly forgetful abt these things. but when it comes to sid; I HV FREAKKING NOT WISHED HIM EVERY SINGLE OF THOSE 9 YRS. its insanely irritating. once tho was heights. he called me on the very day of this birth and we spoke n spoke and i still forget. sorry boy. perhaps next time. perhaps. ?

sid, but i know u know i adoree u bigtime anyway..!

i am gona make sure i get sachin tendulkar on ur 50th birthday (if i remember that is) or ur marriage; whichever happens first;);)



2 Responses to “my fattee buddies-Part 4”

  1. sumanr July 7, 2010 at 8:53 pm #

    prob u can try ‘fatt a’ buddies. sounds like what u said.
    btw do visit – and let me know what u think. 🙂

  2. kapil July 14, 2010 at 12:37 am #

    wow……its really nicely written…

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