euro trip- Act last

6 Jun

belguim up next. brussells!! story time! in MICA, my pals and i made a print ad for brussell’s ka tourism. after doing good research we chose to use the Manekkin Pis- the peeing prince for the ad. so i was super excited to actually get to see this gaint sized Manekkien Pis in the heart of Brussells which is so so famous. story over.

and now for the biggest let down of the trip. perhaps bigger than my screaming countrymen asking for more papad.

the Manekkien Pis was the size of a champagne bottle in some inconspicous corner of lovely brussells. Bad ad pals! if the ad had worked, we wud hv been peed upon man!

i’ll tell u wat the ad shud hv been about though! here it is:

i consumed bad waffles and good, no, erotic strawberries dipped in white and milk chocolate. I basically meditated standing on the street, eyes closed, at the cost of 3 euros for the 3 most mesmerizing tiny lil’ fruits god’s made ofcourse with a lil’ human touch.

let’s move on to my fav. fav. amsterdam. well dont jump to conclusions stupids! i was so thrilled that the place had so much more to offer over hash and weed. the canal cruise! the canal houses! people cycling! people chilling anywhere n everywhere! the street show! the fellow’s humor! magical!! I am addicted;)-pun intended.

when i thot it cudnt get any better, i stepped into a villagish town of holland, volendam. sailors living it up on one side and on the other side,  people wetting their insides (read beer and fly). here, i dint bother clicking cos even a nikon D60 can only do this much!

also, we were introduced to the traditional windmill. it fat, hairy and cute. and its not a dog;)

bien venue! lastly, i welcome u to paris! saw everything there is to see. ate pizzas for 3 days and the 4th day we began our search for desi khana. and lo behold, we landed in la chapelle metro station n bhagwan had chappar phaad ke bestowed us with a south indian thali in a leaf shaped plastic plate. dint i tell u before? god exists.

on that note, i hope u had a pleasant experience of europe through my eyes, nose, ears etc.

now for the cheque, just type out ur email adress in the comment section and i wil mail u my a/c details.


priya money;)


One Response to “euro trip- Act last”

  1. karpagavalli June 8, 2010 at 11:20 am #

    I compleeeeeeeetely understand!!! – ” for the 3 most mesmerizing tiny lil’ fruits god’s made ofcourse with a lil’ human touch” hmm, I want it too!!! – right now!!!!

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