euro trip-Act 2

4 Jun

“bade bade desho mein, aisi choti choti baatien hotie reheti hai, Senorita!”

YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! A BIG CUT OUT of SRK & KAJOL from DDLJ!! Meanss toooo much!!!(inside joke, ignore)
3800 feet above sea level in switzerland, and my SRK is there too! and why not! i became so proudy!!(haha, i really used this word in skool).

u know wat! in all the places, a-fore-mentioned(refer act 1), one wud spot apne loud desh vasis. they r everywhere! u dont even feel u’r abroad sometimes. which is quite a pity really after all the money spent! anyway, more abt their antics later!

so, there on we went to lake lucerne. we dint take the cruise for a well deserved break from the TCCCS  and also cos the week before, we were on the same cruise with His Holiness Sri sri ravi shankarji. it was part of the advanced art of living program at arosa ( a gorgeous hill station in switzerland which was opened just for us) with sri sri very much around all the time. yeeahaa! its not a dream, its a real course. for proof, u cud check out my fb album named arosa here. better still, join me next yr! it will be worth every euro of ur money (in my case, my parents’:))

in europe; dogs/bikes/cars come in all shapes n sizes *drool*. and the europeans! dear oh dear! every man/woman/child calls for a 2nd look. in my brother’s case, a 3rd too;).

switzerland is famous for watches and chocolates. chocolates i managed to buy, but the watches allured me until i saw the 4 digit no. and the euro sign that followed. ignore. keep walking. says jonny walker!( even i agree, specially when u see a jonny walker. hohoho;))

x-furher’s land was traveled to next. cudn’t get a feel of it as much as he did, cos we were there barely for a day out of which 8hrs we were in the bus watching DDLJ(awrite!), half of All the best(massacre) and 3 idiots(***). however, we did manage to check out the lovely Titisee in the heart of Black forest ( also houses our german ashram at Bad Antogast, yaay!). a small secret- it is said that the place was/is the house of the Rishis.

Achtung! all places in germany have 5723 letters. ur tongue will go through a padma sadhana. i heartly recommend u an AOL course if u dont know wat the padma sadhana is.

Auf Wiedersehen
Guten Tag


2 Responses to “euro trip-Act 2”

  1. poonam shah June 7, 2010 at 8:21 pm #

    Ur tongue will go thru padma sadhana!!!!! is too much !! heheh…..

  2. Tejaswy March 25, 2012 at 7:24 am #

    O i will be in swiss soon!

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