euro trip- Act 1

31 May

foreword- my trip thankfully bares no resemblance whatsoever to the ridiculous movie ‘euro trip’.

credits- i take full credit for all the pics u will see in the euro trip posts. other people/ things i wud like to credit are mr. lobo (my tour guide), chamki(my nikon D60), dad (for the moolah), my gloves -one green one black (witout them i wud hv frozen fingers which wud hv eventually fallen off).

travelling in europe is akin to a christian pilgrimage. whether or not u hear car horns, u wil definitely hear church bells in every street at regular intervals, as if someone from up there wanted to remind u to behave urself again n again! well, of course, that did not come in the way of scores of followers making out just outside the magnificent churches perhaps built for inner discovery (pun intended;)).

the continent wears its religion on its sleeve. really, 1/10th the pride in our sanathana dharma, and we wud rule the roost. anyway, i am straying as if I really consumed all the free wine and champagne that was offered. hello! i dint ok!
while india is polluted in general, europe is particularly polluted with cigarette smoke. uff! a non-smoker here is like a lady bug perched atop a frog in turn chilling on a crocodile on mt. everest.

in this part of the world, for these few months, the sun is so happily bright until 9pm and beyond. trippy!! and as u drive through the country side, the lil’ yellow flowers of the mustard plant tickle u into poetry consciousness(PC). there r hills and hills for hours and hours strewn with yellow dallops of the divine..see i am slipping into PC already…;)

in my TCCCS(refer earlier post for full form), rome happened 1st. truly, wat a thing to happen! everything in rome is so old that u feel like a 250yr old urself.

the colloseum without russell crowe;)

next, the vatican city, duniya ka smallest country, begins 5 steps before the sistine chapel and ends few feet afterwards. quite funny, visually. the country’s population is that of my building(relatives included). pisa was mostly t.p. the speciality of course was the leaning tower of pisa, which of course, leans.

florence. aahh. now we r talking. as my fb status revealed. ” i was sad. florence. i am happy.” this charming city is full of sculptures, cycles, art, ice-creams, élan and love…we saw the building where leonardo da vinci painted the mona lisa. felt good, dunno why. florence’s cathedral, the magnificent duomo, was, i think, 100 times all the adjectives one uses for the sistine chapel. apologies, pope.
in florence, i felt so much at home and so much in love.

venice, dear venice. warning- donot go there for honeymoon. cos then u cant flirt with the oh-so-irresistable gonodolier with a ravishing body, playful mannerisms, humming u italian tunes while he rows u through his venice. dreamy venice.

innsbruck in austria is a gorgeous quiet town with wooden homes adorned with tulip gardens. the only activity in the town was the church bell which rang every 10 min. i dont even think god knows why? the swarovski museum in innsbruck was the ultimate torture to my eyeballs. half of north india also happened to vacation there with TCCCS and the likes. they very much enjoyed and indulged.

new country. beautifuller. switzerland. its beauty is beyond my command over the english language. its beauty is also beyond what one can enjoy with one’s sense of sight. so i conclude, that switzerland was created by lord almighty for us to realise the purpose of meditation. cos after all my dears, our senses have limitations!

nevertheless; the piercing snow, the mighty alps, the spongy clouds was a sight to behold. but then, in this heaven, u spot something. something so close to u, that u dont know whether to laugh or cry…
guess karo bhai!!

aaj ke liye bas itna hi;
phir milenge teen din baad;
where the mystery unravels;
until then, adios amigo!


2 Responses to “euro trip- Act 1”

  1. kulpreeth May 31, 2010 at 3:39 pm #

    wow !!! v nice , when you comint to b’lore didi??? waiting waiting 😀

  2. Shilpa June 6, 2010 at 1:17 am #

    enjoy reading it, very well written…

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