happy oily stuffed bhindi

13 Apr

VVIMP: how to shop for bhindis- for this particular recipe its imp to buy tiny thin not-very-hard bhindis. so pls be patient and scan some sabji mandi’s before u make ur pick.

Ingredients: roasted ground nut powdered coarsely, sambar powder if ur a dravidian and garam masala if ur an aryan (and they say i am racist!), hing/asephoetida, dhaniya jeera powder, chilli powder, oil in surplus, those tiny thin not-so-hard bhindis ofcourse.

Wat next?: cut head n tail of the bhindis. slit them 1mm short of being halved. (man, does this sentence sound cruel o watt!hehaha)
mix the following powders in the mentioned proportion; 3 sambar powder+ 3 groundnut powder+ 1/2 hing+ 1/2 salt+ 1/2 chilli powder+ 1 dhaniya jeera powder
stuff the stuff;) in the bhindis. heat oil in a pan, and fry the bhindis 10 at a time for 2 min. the bhindis taste best with hot buttered phulkas. nevertheless, they provide for palatial esctasy even when had just like that!!

i’ll tell u what; the ones i made were so damn tasty tat we were busy devouring it and none of us cared to click pictures! so i invite u to make it and send me urs pics instead!;)


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