crack pot superstitions

13 Feb

superstitions are a must have cos they totally contribute to the cuteness quotient of a human, me thinks.. and it makes us more like children. i am an ardent lover of superstitions and hv done hideous things in the bargain which i hv shamelessly stated below:

among the common ones i follow are;

– black cat dont cross thingie…infact i extend it to all cats in general.. but ofcourse my conscience kinda pricks each time i wait and hv someone else cross cos i am knowingly making a bakra of them.. grrhh..mean me.

– dog crying means someone’s gona die.. did u know? this one is my biggest concern. i get paranoid even if the dog barks in a random fashion.

– not to serve food leftward with the spoon..this one’s a mega taboo. if i see anyone do it, even if it were SRK, i wud correct him.

– not to ask ” where r u going?” when someone’s leaving… and not even by mistake say “don’t go”. mishap pukka!!

– if u wear clothes ulta i.e. inside out by mistake, new clothes r on the way!! utter favourite;)

-if feet scratch that means ur gona travel! yippee

among the more ridiculous things i hv done in the past include;

– not taking a bath for my ICSE board accounts exam cos i dint hv time to bathe b4 my math paper and i knew i had cracked it! (fyi-10th boards, my math score= 99/100)..infact for many exams i hv chosen to not bathe b4 the paper for this very reason. come on, for a 99/100, why take the risk of bathing! (ur allowed to go “eiuww”;))

-same rotten jeans and same white tee every day of exam.

-no consumption of cabbage b4 a project submission/exam; it gave me an unbearable headache each time i ate it.

but now these superstitions dont hv a mad grip on me like before cos i meditate and i know i am waay beyond all these situations. out of habit, i hear the occasional whining of a dog and smile it off.. but i do eat a lot of cabbage…and of course bathe daily..thankfully my quota of exams for this lifetime is ideally over!

it will be nice if u cud write in some of ur weird superstitions… i am darn sure it wil make for interesting reading… and also i wil feel less stupid abt myself;)


5 Responses to “crack pot superstitions”

  1. kulpreeth February 14, 2010 at 7:49 pm #

    SAME PINCH for the first four superstitions and the same clothes for all the exams wala point… i also devotedly follow them sometimes now when i dont have anything better to do ( i blame it on these superstitions if my exams go bad …hehe ) …. some crack pots of mine are –
    1. Never see anyone’s sleepy face( not even yours ) as soon as you wake up …. if done the day will be pathetic …
    2. Never go early to exam …
    3. If you happen to see a mongoose anytime , its very very good luck ( once i actually looked out for a mongoose in manipal before an exam , luckily i spotted one and i just passed in the paper ).
    4. This one inherited from mom – If a house lizard touches you or you touch a house lizard , immediately put all your clothes into wash and have a bath …. ( i was once dressed all nice wearing my best clothes , just ready to go for a party , i open my room door and WHACK!!! , step on a house lizard and break its tail , immediately i become an untouchable until i send my brand new clothes in the water tub and go for a bath … it was quite a challenge to do that 🙂 )

  2. Vini February 14, 2010 at 8:48 pm #

    -Ladybug in ur dress means.Yeah new clothes….
    – saying about tomo’s events or to-do list after one’s dinner.It’ s not gonna Happen. Dad has actually used it in case of some works he does not wanna go ahead with. Times when I told “Tomo is my tough exam!” Don remember the results though.
    -Cutting nails in the night. God knws wht happens.
    -Giving a broom in another person’s hand. Hi hi… U’ll be fighting with that person for sure.
    -When glass breaks- -ve: Bad time ahead….+ve- New glasses 😛
    – Shaking one’s leg front and back, which we often do, while sitting in an elevated place: Dad is going to have financial crunch 🙂

    Disclaimer: Anything happens I am not reponsible. Blog owner might be :):)

  3. priyax February 15, 2010 at 12:58 am #

    yaaah wat u said abt brooms, i follow for knives, sciccors, nail cutters, blades, etc. cos fight will become.

  4. sharika July 31, 2010 at 12:55 am #

    I cant remember any ya.. except that shouldnt stand on the threshold of the house-bad luck
    2.clicking weird snaps on webcam when writing assignments.. I HAVE to do that..
    3. i remember in 2nd pu, entire year i would turn back n give vini a silly smile and wait for her to smile back. i ABSOLUTELY had to do that. every hour, sometimes 3-6 times in one hour. I used to sit in 1st bench and she in 2nd. Once the lecturer even waited for me to turn back so that he could continue lessons. when satsang songs are boring I still do that.
    4. you HAVE to visit temple before any dance competition. bribe god and once to win, thank god again temple mein
    that is all i remember


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