Monstrously Sensational.

3 Feb

the 1st time i saw this video, i was madly gripped by the creative display of information of how we are directly raping the environment on a daily basis. i was quite ashamed of myself in particular and the society at large. if mother earth had limbs, she would have wacked us black and blue, without doubt.
This is definitely a MUST WATCH video with a MUST ACT message. Brace urself to be blown away.

I am safely assuming u invested 21.16min of ur very precious time to watch- the story of stuff. and i am nearly sure it stirred u up. i hope ur nodding ur head right now else i will weep!

so now, step 2; MUST ACT, remember? A brilliant way to begin wud be to apply for a YES!+ course. (YOUTH EMPOWERMENT AND SKILLS WORKSHOP). Here’s why:

When there is talk about doing something to bring a smile on mother earth, a common excuse is; “i hv enuf issues of my own to deal with, lemme sort that out 1st b4 i begin to change the planet”! Whether it is to sort ur personal life out (after which u hv promised to heal the world) or if u simply want a wonderful platform to act & impact on present day social circumstances, YES!+ is exactly wat u were looking for~

Requesting the pleasure of ur company,
Yours lovingly.


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