the god of all limbu paanis

25 Jan

i proudly present to u ‘the healthiest refreshing drink’ in this galaxy.
1. limbu/lemon
2. jaggery
3. black salt,pepper, jeera powder
4. mint leaves(type 1) or an apple (type 2)
5. blender (vvimp;))
so u break the jaggery into small stones and shove few in a tall jug. generously add the masala powders. squeeze the lemon(that goes without saying!!), add water and blend away till it all froths up.
for type 1, u also throw in a bunch of fresh mint leaves and for type 2, u grate apple and garnish the juice with it!
i prefer to squeeze one lemon per glass. so this serves 1.


Dr. Vijaya Venkat, a classic woman, read up about her on

And my crazy dynamic MOMMY!!(she’s sitting right behind me telling me to acknowledge her,hehehe;)

                                                                              By the way BnD trip on it these days! 😉


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