shopping for the winter break upgrade and the guru story there after…

9 Jan

Now for those who dint attend winter break 2009-10, SHAME ON U!! and for those who did,,, ur gonna laugh mad when u read this! on second thoughts, even those who bunked will laugh mad!

So ya, jeetu and i went to buy a longgg list of things that were required for the half day 7-level challenge (upgrade-2). So we went to a whole sale market in jayanagar and the bargaining began. first 5 shops we rattled this, “Saar, enna saar, we from art of living ashramaa saar, pls discount maadi, plis saar” and well, we succeeded in most shops. So shop after shop we wud start of this tape recorder of ours nearly begging for discount. Now for those who participated know that we needed to buy lot of red underwear for one of the tasks. Hehe, so we went to this lingerie shop and began our tape.. saar, plis discount maadi,,, art of….STOP. STOP GIRL! thankfully,i held my tongue. hahaahha. i then made up on the spot that the red under wear was for some christmas party game. hahaha.. just imagine wat he wud think if he knew the art of living ashram required 30 red underwear for an event. hahaha!! the shameless fellow was so curious when i said its a chirtmas party game and asked me where the party was… ofcourse i had to lie all over again,,, with supreme confidence i said, “jayanagar, jayanagar saar”! good lord, who said seva is not fun!

Well as much tiring/challenging it was to organise the 7-level challenge, in hindsight, it was doubly fruitful. Any guesses why?
YESSS, i got praised in front of guruji in ganga kutir (abode of the divine it is)!! cant get any cooler me thinks.

…the guru story follows…. so this meeting with guruji happened on 3rd jan 2010…and on 1st jan i wore the silver sri sri coin that my parents had got. lemme rewind a little bit at this point. my parents, lucky ones, have gotten atleast 6-7 such coins that are safely kept in the cupboard. i have worn n lost 3 such coins including the one i wore on 1st jan. so that day, it pinched me bigtime, especially it being day 1 of new yr.* tear*

so i mentally decided i am not gona wear another one until i get it from guruji himself. and lo behold,, guruji gave me coin after the appreciation on 3rd jan itself!!! SUPER DUPER COOL NO??!i wud rate this among my top 3 personal life guru stories. wat say? hes faster than Blue dart courier service man!!! no sincere prayer/hard work goes unnoticed.
all my jealously for those chilling in ganga kutir turned into admiration. some buckets of sweat has gone behind sitting in ac wit sri sri;)


4 Responses to “shopping for the winter break upgrade and the guru story there after…”

  1. Jitesh Chhabria January 13, 2010 at 11:57 am #

    lolz! why not post a pic of th coin!

  2. priyax January 13, 2010 at 9:57 pm #

    instead come to the ashram and see it hanging arnd each of our necks!

  3. Vinod March 29, 2010 at 4:35 pm #

    Awesome!!! Priya… SUper Cool Guru Story….. to be getting anything from HIM personally….WOW!!!

    When r u returning to Bangalore???

  4. Bhavin Rana June 1, 2013 at 1:05 am #

    OMG is this really you ? with the GOD !
    So Much Blessings !
    good to see your blog buddy !

    Check mine :

    i m gujju , (from Gujarat), also want to settle in bang, to get more.

    JGD !

    God Bless ! 😀

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