‘aapy neu yearrr!

9 Jan

THEOREM: having a guru= abundance!

PROOF: the new year began in utter opulence as I welcomed 3 new years sitting in one place! Ofcourse the ‘one place’ i am talking about is the international art of living ashram! If ur jealous, then its the right emotion ur experiencing.hehe
around 8pm IST, I celebrated new year no.1 of bangkok, where my parents n granma were chilling. I screamed my good wishes over the phone while cutting the weird veggies that are contained in bawa’s humongous fridge. We were getting ready to have an elaborate feast for the indian new yr. (visit bawa’s blog for the final product and drool)

new yr no.2 was apna desh ka. this one we called in with the mind blowing guru pooja. i say ‘we’ cos there were 1500 youth sitting cutely with eyes closed in vishalakshi mandap during the pooja. this i am guessing cos my eyes were closed too,hehe. 2010 entered in blissful silence and went on to get louder slowly and steadily. within half an hr, all of us irritatingly happy people were dancing our head off!! I have been to my share of discs, but believe u me, this one beat it hollow(and empty;))

the ultimate icing on the cake was new yr no.3 of germany which was were sri sri was chilling (literally also…was snowing there they say). around 3am IST,1st jan, 2010 was midnight there. i was sitting in bawa’s room, just me and the imac with guruji in it, (as if personally) taking me through a meditation ringing in the german new yr. superb ha!

later i consumed all the holy food bau had cooked, remember?… lasagne, greek-ish salad, mango ice cream, pesto, home made bread, baked potatoes, tomato basil soup. well ya, thats about it. 😉

P.S.how i wish the rest of the world gets to experience this magic!
lets party together people! Brother dearest, hope ur reading;)
happy new year world!!


One Response to “‘aapy neu yearrr!”

  1. Nanddeep August 9, 2010 at 4:36 pm #

    I am jealous. 🙂

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