the best month of my life thus far…

21 Jul

july it is! thou i am still in the middle of it, its just been fully awesome and theres more superbness scheduled.
it started off with the the yes!+ course in koramangala, bangalore that went on till 2nd july.. it was super fun! i then did the guru poornima 7 day long advance course in the ashram which was craziness personified. some 5 days of silence it had. i am quite a chatter box, so it was all the more blissful for me! i was thoroughly blissed out by 12th july. but then i reminded myself of the outside world and aha! it was my dad’s birrday on 13th! how cud i miss that! and my mum n bro as usual had a surprise plan to embarrass dad at work. which worked perfectly as planned. so i surprised them all by flying into mumbai for the birrday! the maddening mumbai rains welcomed me. i chilled and surprised my college buddies and my little niece in the next few days. i got back to ashram on 17th and lo behold, i did the blessings course from 18th!! the most weirdly stunning course, kudos to guruji;s creativity and MASTER plan (pun intended). so today i sit an type as a very content person. and guess wat my mum got here today to become a teacher of the art of living. long pending actually. and day after, the last week of this wonderful july, we begin the next yes!+ in koramangala!!! i knw some of u may be wondering as to why this girl has written her full month ka schedule! but u knw, very few get to do such crazy courses back to back and hv such a powerful month. besides its my blog, so i can darn well write watever i feel like, hehehe. just kidding 😉


One Response to “the best month of my life thus far…”

  1. Abhay August 10, 2009 at 1:45 pm #

    put up some pics!!!!!

    you are welcome to write on

    that’s a nice way to surprise him on the b’day!

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