pants and phones

22 Jun

i wonder why crazy things happen with me only! for a while, nuthing mad had happened so i was expecting something soon. and it dint dissappoint me this time too!
flashback- i am an engineer (well thats wat my grad cert. says). engineering has 8 semesters for those who made more intelligent choices to do a bachelors in. haan so point being, each sem i lost a cell phone. it was like meant to happen. come wat may, in random ways, i wud lose my cell phone. once i was wearing a baggy pant wit pockets which had holes. people who know me wont be surprised that i own such clothing.others will simply hv to hv faith! so my cell fell from within that pocket and i dint even realise it. another time my whole freakking bag got stolen from my examination hall where we keep the bags away during the paper! i really thot someone was just pulling a fast one on me. but well there were professional thieves apparently loitering on my college corridor! and i can go on n on abt how i lost the other 6 fones. but but but, wat happend few days ago tops the damn list!
this one’s humourourly embaressingly gross. all these adjectives still fail to describe wat happened! so read at ur own risk.
i wanted to pee real bad on the way back to ashram. i mean it when i say real bad. so i stopped by at a petrol pump to let go. it was an indian toilet. we all know how aromatic public toilets can be. well my cell was in my tight jean pocket and i had a huge bag on me. so while i was doing the deed, the fone popped out of my pocket n went into the black hole! thats it! GONE! frankly i was actually considering putting my hand in more than once and recovering my coveted device that connects me to all those i love n hate. i dint do it becos of the fear of getting leprosy or something more ghastly! euiwwwwww. but i said om namah shivaya restlessly hoping i cud gather guts to jut my hand in. but no! even ONS dint work this time around. so my 9th perished in bangalore’s sewage canal.
but when ur in the ashram, wit a fantastic guru, who is super cool/stylish/profound/dayaloo, u get back more than wat u lose! so now i hv twins! 2 fones! ofcourse rich and dayaloo folks also play a big part! *twinkle* am i blessed or what!! *twinkle*


One Response to “pants and phones”

  1. jaideep April 15, 2011 at 5:47 pm #

    washing my hand with the soap.singing and dancing like a jack and out plop fell into the Black hole.
    So never wanted to leave it alone.
    just took it out. 🙂
    Well it was not that bad,had two wash my hand thirce with Dettol and perfumed soaps. 🙂

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