our living non-movable couterparts

13 May

i often wonder if trees speak among themselves.. i am quite convinced they do actually. wat do u say? i hv observed them when i travel long distance. which is nearly everyday considering i live in mumbai. they seem to chuckle and guzzle and make funny sounds and move in specific ways even in the absence of wind. infact in the international art of living ashram in bangalore, this is so prominent. even with absoultely no breeze, some plants move violently in parts. as if they are conveying somthing to the others. they definately have a language of their own considering they are part of a big fat kingdom who they need to converse with.

it wud be so funny na if the plant kingdom were racist n all…yellow leaf plants are uncool and green ones are cool,, or may be shrubs and creepers hv reservations. the herbs mite fall in the intelligent class ..cos they are more profound than the others…something like brahmins/pandits. or maybe its just the human in me who differentiates.

guruji says that every plant in ur home gets 10 times more excited than a pet wud when u get back home after a long day. superb no? but we are so insensitive that we dont recognise it. this calls for a guru story: sri sri once had coem to mumbai for maha satsang. which means there are atleast a lakh people who come together to sing and celebrate. in the middle of the celebration, guruji suddenly called someone on stage and asked them to water a plant which was in the far end of the huge ground wit a lakh people singing! he asked the person to water the plant cos it was crying! such razor sharp awarness he carries so effortlessly!

and guys did u knw this..in our lifetime of approx. 70 yrs, we use oxygen of 7 whole trees. so it is our frekking responsibility to plant atleast 7 trees in our life if not more.! so do it dear friends! dharthi par bhoj mat bano bhai! leave it a tad prettier b4 u konk off. and u never knw when u wil konk off;planting so do ur good deed today! run to the nearest nursery, buy 7 saplings and plant and adopt them. name the plants for sense of belongingness and or simply for fun sake! u can also go to www.itsmytree.net and upload the pic of ur plant as it grows! real neat site that my pal rupal deisgned. go see. and go plant!tree1tree4tree_2tree3tree_clipart_coconut_tree_2tree09fall_coloured_tree_geral_01


2 Responses to “our living non-movable couterparts”

  1. kaushik May 15, 2009 at 3:07 pm #

    nice info, good to know!


  2. Sriranjani July 22, 2009 at 1:10 pm #

    This thing that you mentioned about trees violently moving when the wind is still…i would frankly love to see this…rather experience this….i always believed they move to the direction of sunlight….Have you seen this for real….For years now i have heard and read about people talking with plants and they talking back to them…frankly i have never disregard that but i always thought it was a perception rather…which helps them think out aloud and thus get more clarity….but i guess there is more depth to this entire activity than what i think

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