my fattee buddies

23 Apr

i hv 2 pals to praise.

srividya, a pal for yrs now, a beauudyy YES!+ teacher, who is unbelievely good at everything she takes up. from topping her university witout attending a day,, to learning and performing bharatnatyam and kathak and jive and salsa. from representing India in the youth UN meet to looking frekking pretty in absoulutely any attire. she has made me experience crazy levels of jealousy! i am learning to go beyond being jealous though and take inspiration from her instead. so she was interviewed for an article on ‘women and voting which featured in the main issue of DNA. Here’s the link. You need to click on ‘2’ when the page opens.

this is wat she has to say about it. “Most of what I said has been cut out(surprise surprise!) but some of it is manipulated very little and still there. But hey, my pic looks great! you all.”

check it out:

Another amazing new pal i made recently is suniti. soon to be YES!+ teacher! this gurlie in just 4 yrs of learning and playing snooker is now Nationally ranked 4th!! guruji sure does his bit- samai se pehle an jarurat se jyaada! she was sharing with me of how she was super busy arranging utsav in kolkota to empower 2000 youth and hence dint hv time to practice at all for her national snooker championship. she said she practiced only for 10 days and was rather tensed. she called dinesh bhaiyaa,, yeah some people have the luck to knw him…and he told her to chant om namah shivaya everyday.. she did just that and stood 8th in the championship.the deal was, every year the top 3 winners get shortlisted to play internationally. but GUESS WAT!!! THIS YEAR THE TOP 8 GOT SELECTED TO REPRESENT INDIA INTERNATIONALLY!!! super crazy right??/ not 5, not 10…JUST 8!…! this guruji no!! so cutie he is!! lou him for all his spcl effects!!

check this out for proof:


i am so glad i m perennially surrounded by highly interesting people. i tell u again, do the yes!+ to knw wat i am talking about!


One Response to “my fattee buddies”

  1. Abhay August 10, 2009 at 1:39 pm #

    apparently the links are outdated.

    yes, totally agree… YES!+ is set of fantastically interesting wonderful people! Since you are so amazing, you attract similar company..!

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