Parting is painful

31 Mar

today is my last nite at MICA… the 7 month sabbatical from the speedy life i lead back home. wat i will miss most among many things is the MICAN greenery and the lake in the nearby village where i wud often spot peacocks coming to quench their thirst and buffalos who wud come in for a swim. these are sites that one possibly cant find even in the borivali national park back in busy bombay.. or shud i say mad mad mumbai!!

i had all the time in the world to spend wit myself… catching up on movies, music, meditation.. just doing nearly nothing definitely felt beautiful! nites went onto become days and when the sun came up.. we came out of our precious Imac lab and absorbed the morning rays. after this we all died in our beds until dusk!.. funny.. we lived like U.S citizens. all of us were pretty much zoned out, dint know which day of the week it was, absolutely high on life. no questions. no answers. 100% living.


The pic is that of our convocation. My first and last i am guessing… see how chic we look!! My course in MICA was made extra spcl simply becos of my 23 fellow mates.. we had a louly emo party today for which my roomie and i wrote few lines for each one of them! I am gona put it down here, though its rather private…but those of u who read my blog are private to me too ;)!!





One Response to “Parting is painful”

  1. Ridhima April 1, 2009 at 9:02 pm #

    luv u!!

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