pyar, ishq aur mohabbat

24 Feb

while i was getting myself a bachelor’s degree, i made sure i was busy doing everything except romancing my fat engineering books. luckily on the first few days of a 4yr college life, my eyes fell upon a guy who made me go week in my knees. when i mentioned it to a few pals, they equalled him to a lot of ugly things.. including vomit.  but i cudnt stop blushing when i thot of him. i wud tolerate a horrible ST bus ride of an hour with a big smile, all excited only to catch one glimpse of him in the treacherous day of college. i even brain washed those mean pals to think that he’s a dude of substance.. and thus we started a club in his name. a virtual club. we sent him reallyy funny rose cards on rose days and sneaked into his class to check his reaction. bascially did a whole lot of horribly, atrociously silly things to catch his eye. those amazing deep eyes…

i remember dedicating my daily meditation practice ka energy to him when he was very sick  in hospital.. i went to visit him at the hospi which was the very first time i every really spoke to him.. believe me my legs were shaking all the while. and i remember so well that i spoke utter shit when i got my chance. for those who knw me, knw that i can make interesting convo wit brad pitt also wit ease.. but this dude was so much more..

so one day i gathered the guts to take his only note book for some work.. hehe .. this is really funny guys..(promise u wont laugh!!)…i took the note book, n last page mein i wrote him a poem.. my 1st ever poem.. man!!! i thot this happend only in the movies.. wrong!

it was perhaps the cheeziest things i hv ever done when hit by cupid real bad! next day i waited anxiously for him to talk to me.. well.. he dint really.. but hes the one who inspired me to write.. i dint even know until then that i cud write decent poetry,, and today its a different story.. u cud check the poetry section on my blog to understand wat i am talking of ( so much for humility:))

so coming back to this heart of mine;  he never gave me even one milligram of bhaav; but i later realised that my love was utterly unconditional.. fully amazing it feels even today to have loved someone so innocently expecting nothing at all.. not even an occasional ‘hi’. infact i used to get an adrenalin rush even when he walked through me,, which he often did! weird eh?

in the past few minutes, i feel i hv lived those 3-4yrs of romance! thanx blog!

thanx boy. ur a permanent in my heart!

here is the poem on his note book;

you are burning.. let go
catastropic, metamorphic, caustrophobic,
get a cusion, get a life.
slump it all, rise
end the drama, behold
act this scene, play this play
I’ll get you a cusion, please get a life.
you are famished, fill the void
crack the nut, create noise
stuck in the head, you’ve left no choice,
let go , let go.
gimme a cushion, I’ll get me a life!

3 Responses to “pyar, ishq aur mohabbat”

  1. Madhuri March 5, 2009 at 9:16 am #

    there isnt a dull day in this romance…! to think so many are missing out on this.

  2. srikanth March 14, 2009 at 5:46 am #

    some one who reads this also can live thru this ,,a post bubbling with life ,, nice 🙂

  3. azeem July 25, 2010 at 10:01 pm #

    love this love story di…
    love your poem too …though understood just a lil’ bit of it!!
    jai guru dev!!!

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