blind faith

5 Feb

i bow down to all those people who do these 9 to infinity jobs. i say this after a 3 day experience of doing a ‘9 to infinity’ myself. my heart goes out to those millions who use our cosy railways. but the amazing experiences provide for great film scripts. today, i ran for my life to catch train#2 which was a second apart from the arrival of train#1. i felt like SRK in the movies. only i think i looked a tad bit less hot. after catching my breath i flashed smiles at random women ( i have made this a practise). perhaps to make them forget, even if just for a milli second, that they are getting late for work and/or the  worry if their kids like the dabba they made in a tearing hurry and/or if their husbands will come a little early and help around at home and/or if their sarrees will live through the pushing and pulling to get into the dingy compartment. while i had lesser worries, i  heard a man’s voice behind me. i braced myself to turn and give him a nasty look as he had perched himself amisdt the zone of the opposite sex… and i turned….. and he was blind…… and he was mumbling something….. i am thinking, he was simply entertaining himself by saying something funny. i smiled at him, natural reflex. (remember?) i immediately realised, that he dint notice the smile obviously. i had a strong feeling that he felt it though. then the train came in like a chuckling wave on the seashore full of crabs fighting to be one up on another.  the blind man was pushed around and he lost his way. so i caught his hand and he immediately held me as if he was showing me the way. i was both confused and awstruck. with his other hand he was touching my head, in a way someone blesses. this i understand was to help him follow me. we both made our way into the train.

when i generally see people who cant see, hear, speak, or have a limb missing.. greatfullness dawns for all that i have and my miseries take a back seat. however, today i felt he was so much more luckier. he dint have to get fried in the head by seeing the chaos around him. he had no choice but to let go, and someone would come along, like they always did, and guide him like our parents did when we were kids. he gets to be free like a child all his life! am i jealous of u or what mister!


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