11 Dec

hello everybody! somebody….anybody ( copy cat dialogue of simba from lion king 😉 lou it. besides its quite relevant here. hehe)

interesting person i meet at mica today. Ogilvy Outstretch ka National Creative Director-naam Rajkumar Jha.( O&M ka O stands for Ogilvy, its among the top ad agencies of the world). firstly he looked like a bald teddy. so eyes were happy. and his jokes were super cute. now i called him interesting because i gathered that he and his then boss were behind the making of ‘Mile sur meraa tumhara’ and ‘ Mile sargam har taraf se, gunje mann mein desh raag’ and also the instrumental torch bearing sportmen film. remember these? in mile sur mera u have all the greats of states of india singing this sentence in their mother tongue. and  desh raag showcases our Indian classic music and dance. they used to come in doordarshan eons ago. man! i got goosebumps. wat a brilliant country i am a citizen of, was reinstated. i wonder why they dont show these films on tv today. it’s so positive and fills an entire country with hope in times like these. need of the hour i think.  justifying calling Raj sir ‘interesting’ further, he works for selling stuff to rural india which makes up 80% of our country’s population. he was showing us a series of social ads made for educating rural india about contraceptives, family planning etc. it made me think of how much of India am i really in touch with? majority of my country’s fellow citizens cant even read my ad let alone make any sense of its all important “hidden message”. wat do i knw of their lifestyle when i am blessed with so much freedom of everykind. like some countries have compulsory military training for 2 yrs after schooling, we here instead shud have compulsory service for the upliftment of our villages for a year atleast. kya kehte ho?

check out the films and get nostalgic!


jai guru dev!



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